How Get Out challenges us to address some ugly truths

The film Get Out is currently the huge box office hit that everyone is talking about. I was intrigued when I saw the trailers on social media months ago and the movie did not disappoint. Being a Black male with experience in an interracial relationship I also wanted to keep an eye out for whatever social commentary the film had to offer Spoiler alert here for those who haven’t seen the film as I will be discussing the concepts of some major plot points.

Taking away the fictional brain transplant aspect of the film (as they are not possible yet with current technology), this film addresses some fears many people have when immersing themselves into a new culture, through the means of a relationship. “The sunken place” stood out as more metaphorical than anything to me.

I think the point Jordan Peele wanted to get across was how Black people are often forced to conform to behaving in an unnatural manner for certain opportunities, in this case a relationship. This reality is a result of a history of racism and oppression, that Peele points out brilliantly in a direct and indirect way. Ending up in a metaphorical sunken place to adhere to a dominant culture or group in society is never worth whatever the reward, be it material or other. Staying true to yourself but being open minded to new cultures is always a better route to go, especially living in a diverse country such as Canada. It is easier said than done when it affects you in school or work, and other important areas of life, and as a society we have to work to change this.

If you are interested in getting into an interracial relationship chances are you won’t be hypnotized by your significant other’s parents to be prepped for a brain transplant. You might find yourself in a struggle between holding on to your identity and trying to fit into their culture, especially around their nuclear family. My advice for this is to always stay true to yourself, but be open minded to your significant other’s culture and ways. If their culture molded them into the person you desire it can’t be that bad, right?  Finding the right balance can make for a beautiful thing at best and a learning experience into another culture at worst.

-Shola Olanrewaju,Contributor

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