Hey mom and dad… Thanks

Sometimes they embarrass you and sometimes they come in absolutely clutch! There is no other way to beat around the bush with this one — parents just know best. No matter what your family dynamic is like, everyone can relate to that exact moment where you realize just how much your parents have done for you. We don’t even realize how much we rely on our parents every single day of our lives. So, here is my “Thank You” to my loving, supportive, and absolutely hilarious parents, for moulding me into a semi-responsible adult thus far.

Dad, thank you for allowing me to figure things out on my own in this life. Thank you for understanding and recognizing when I need to take a leap of faith and for supporting me in my life journey, even when it doesn’t seem logical at times.

Mom, thank you for making me realize that I am worth everything in this world and I should never settle for less than what I deserve when it comes to love, friendships, education or careers.

Dad, thank you for showing me how a man should treat a woman. Thanks for proving to me that chivalry is not dead and for giving me the highest expectations as to what I should be accepting in life from a partner.

Mom, thank you for showing me what it means to never give up the fight from a very young age. Thank you for still being a dedicated mother to my sisters and I, even when you clearly didn’t have the energy to do so due to your sickness.

Dad, thank you for the “I love you” texts. They make my day. Thank you for sharing your witty personality and dry sense of humour with me. Everyone says that we both have hearts of gold, and if I can be half of the generous, kind-hearted and loving person that you are, I will be happy in this life. Also, on a totally unrelated note, thank you for editing my lengthily papers, even though I am old enough and capable enough to do that on my own.

Mom, thank you for giving me life. It seems pretty silly and straightforward, but I am thankful that even after two crazy kids, you decided that you were up for a little more chaos in your life.

Thank you both for passing on your belief in something greater on to me. Thank you for teaching me that things which cannot be explained happen, but then there are moments of pure joyfulness and we should be grateful every single day for our blessings.

There are not nearly enough words to express my love and appreciation for you, however, I think publishing this is a great start. I am still working on the person that I am becoming, but I want you to know that without you, I’d be nowhere near the person I am today. You have been my besties, mentors, biggest fans and strongest allies for as long as I can remember, and for that, you both deserve the world.


-Loredana Del Bello, Assistant News Editor 

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