Faculty of Mathematics and Science students highlighted at research conference

For many people, mathematics and science related work and research is rigorous, exhausting and downright unlikeable. For others, those that have a true calling and are skilled in those fields, it can bring a lot of excitement and reward.

Harris Sheikh, a third-year Biomedical Sciences student, organized the Brock University Math and Science Council (BUMSC) Undergraduate Research Conference, which took place at the Pond Inlet on March 16, in order to highlight the importance of research conducted by students in the faculty.

“At the Undergraduate Research Conference, our hope was to showcase the wonderful research that goes on across the disciplines in Mathematics and Science,” said Sheikh. “This event provided current undergrad students with the opportunity to present research they have performed at Brock and encouraged other students to get involved as well.”

At the evening event, seven students in third and fourth year that study under the Mathematics and Science Faculty presented their research topics in disciplines ranging from physics to biology and health sciences.

“Having the option of exploring diverse research across various disciplines at Brock allows students to discover what they would be most interested in and whether research is something they would like to pursue,” Sheikh said.

More importantly, the conference provided an avenue for first and second year students to begin thinking about research projects that they may want to conduct themselves. It also gave third-year students the opportunity to gain knowledge regarding the process of finding a supervisor for their specific research.

For those upper year students that presented at the conference, it was also a chance for them to sharpen their presentation skills while describing their research to the audience.

“Although effective communication is not specific to the field of research, it is [definitely] a life skill,” said Sheikh. “Being able to convey one’s own research in an understandable manner to someone outside of the discipline is a skill that many of us can benefit from.”

The conference included a panel of judges who evaluated each presenter and awarded prizes to student researchers for various categories.

The Interim Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Alan Castle, said that the conference provided “extremely valuable experience” for students, according to Brock News.

All in all, the recent BUMSC conference gave much needed recognition to students studying Mathematics and Science, presented younger students within the faculty opportunities to learn about research topics and gave advice about finding proper mentors and supervisors.


To learn about getting involved with the BUMSC, you can contact brockumsc@gmail.com

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