End of the year Brock Dance Recital wows the crowd

Brock Dance caps off another year with a stunning performance. / Chloé Charbonneau

Friends and families gathered in David S. Howes Theatre to watch the hard work of many dedicated Brock dancers come together.

From contemporaries, to hip-hop and all the way to highland spectators were treated to a range of genres and emotions. All of the competitive dancers and 20 additional recreational classes came together to put on two breathtaking shows.

Not only does dance allow a weekly source of exercise, it allows an outlet of expression, and belonging to a community. As many who have even been part of the dance community know, there’s something truly special about connecting with someone over dance. The countless hours of practicing, trial and errors, or simply enjoying an hour together every week while enjoying the freedom of movement, dance is a magical thing. This strong bond shined through on this past Saturday at the annual Brock Dance Recital.

The bond became apparent as the night went on. For many of the students performing, this was their last time. Between all the cheering and excitement, some tears were shed as they took in their last moments on stage.

Olivia Pilot, this year’s Vice President of Brock Dance explained her experience at the last recital of her career.

“I have definitely been experiencing mixed feelings about this entire year,” said Pilot. “I know my time as a dancer has come to an end, but what is comforting is knowing that dance will always be a part of my life and I will always identify myself as a dancer. I have been dancing for 18 years, and Saturday night was the perfect way to end my time on that stage with a group of people who are so close to my heart.”

“I am so excited to say that my time with Brock Dance is not over and can’t wait to continue sharing my love and passion for dance with the team as a coach next year.”

As the Dance season comes to an end, exciting new changes are coming to Brock Dance.

Last year they graduated from their purple colour to the Brock navy and red and the creation of the Dance Pack team. This upcoming year, the competitive team will be separating from the recreational club and officially become a part of Brock’s competitive sports team. This news had been years in the making and allows the competitive team to be supported by Brock Sports while recreational groups will receive all the club funding rather than sharing it with the competitive teams. Next year’s competitive team will be coached by this year’s President Ashley and Vice President Olivia.


- Chloé Charbonneau, Photographer 

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