Common Groundz with Brock Visual Art students

The newest exhibition to take over the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts Art Gallery is entitled Common Groundz and it showcases student works curated by Studio Art Students Victoria Morinello and Gianna Aceto with assistance, encouragement and some direction from professor Shawn Serfas.

The gallery includes pieces from eight Brock Visual Arts students from Professor Serfas’ last semester VISA 3P03 and 3P04 Painting Concepts class and small oil paintings by the students in the same class presented together as separate yet connected works, similar to a mosaic.

The eight artists featured in the gallery are Rachel Dove, Samantha Goeree, Stephanie Handy, Emily Donaldson, Shelby Riddiford, Samantha Cline, Amber Lee Williams, Jacob Primeau, and Stephanie Rodgers.

“We both took painting last semester, I’m in painting this semester, she’s not she’s just in drawing, and the way that it worked was that our professor, Shawn Serfas wanted to know if anyone wanted to volunteer for this kind of gig and originally it was going to be with different media, like ink dyes, but we had a change of plan and when this year rolled around he asked me if I was still on board and then I spoke to this lovely gem and yeah, it was really casual” explained Aceto.

Morinello added that “we just thought it would be a good opportunity to get some curitory experience and it has been, it’s been a great experience. It’s a lot of work, more work than we thought, but it’s really fun.”

She says that the process when like this: “[it took] two days actually hanging the work and labeling it, so first off we got a bunch of submissions from the artists that Shawn had picked for us and then we decided on two or three works each for them to be hung in the gallery and then we had the smaller oil paintings and it was from everyone in Shawn’s Advanced Painting Class, so they each did 20 of the small oil paintings and we had to pick three or four for each student and we hung them all on the one wall in a grid to merge them all together and to represent the work that they put in.”

Aceto said that she had a really hard time choosing and that the spend hours and several sessions going over what works to include. One of the things she struggled most with was telling the artist’s, her friends, which of their pieces either didn’t make it in or worse had to be cut for space.

She noted that she was lucky to work with Morinello who she says cut what needed to be cut with little remorse.

“We really balance each other out,” notes Morinello.

The theme of the gallery is in the name “Common Groundz”, there is no real reoccurring theme but the experiences and styles of different Brock artists showing their works together, on common grounds.

“We wanted to chose what was the strongest pieces from them individual as an artist, like what represented them as opposed to even speaking about a theme” said Morinello.

Common Groundz is an excellent representation of some of the seasoned work of Brock artist showing off avant-garde sculptures, traditional oil painting, and stunning greenery and landscapes.

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