This week BUFS is pleased to present Weirdos, a Drama by Canadian director Bruce McDonald.

This ode to the 1970s takes a pleasing black-and-white-narrative and finds two adolescents road-tripping across rural Nova Scotia with a hankering for self-discovery. The film starts like any teenage escapade does, by lying to their parents. Fifteen-year-old best friends Kit (Dylan Authors) and Alice (Julia Sarah Stone) tell their respective yet oblivious parents that they’re spending the night at the other’s house. Instead to hitch from their small inland town to not much larger, Cape Breton Island. The intent is for Kit to move in with his mother the never hears from after their divorce. Not that either of their home lives are bad, these are just teenagers hungry for adventure and a difference in scenery.

After a night spent with friends on the beach, a run-in with the cops, and a queer sexual awakening, the two go on to Chez Laurie (Molly Parker) where Kit’s mother is childishly thrilled with their arrival. At first, Kit’s mom seems like a free spirit, wild in nature and does interpretive dance in the backyard. With time however, that free-spirit nature is slowly discovered as serious mental instability that his mom can no longer hide.

This journey for both Kit and Alice forces them to face hard truths about themselves to find a more honest and fully-lived future. With Kit talking to his “spirit animal” Andy Warhol (Rhys Bevan-John,) the ‘70s culture, the fact that it’s the July 4th weekend in 1976, and the celebration of the Bicentennial across the border leaves a sense of madness throughout the film. It is something veteran Canadian filmmakers, director Bruce McDonald and screenwriter and playwright Daniel MacIvor use to perfectly frame this coming-of-age road-movie that stays inventive through its sprinklings of magic realism.


Weirdos screens Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Landmark Theatres, Pen Centre. Visit www.brocku.ca/bufs for details.

-Meagan Forde, Contributor 

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