Badger Babble: What are your plans for the upcoming summer?


Grace Bourne

“In four weeks I will be leaving Brock behind and taking with me all that I have learned after these four indescribable years. But if I’m being honest, I’m about to learn the biggest lessons of my life once I graduate, pack a much larger bag, and head off to Berlin, Germany to start my six (maybe more) month long backpacking trip. My two best friends and I are leaving no area untouched, going to Morocco, India, Greece, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, South Africa and about every other country in between. From staying in hostels, sleeping on trains and doing all that we can with what little we have, this trip around the world will without a doubt be the greatest adventure I have yet to experience.”


Brian Pham

“When I was first asked, “What are your plans this summer?” I wasn’t particularly sure I would have an answer that people would find interesting. It wasn’t until after that I realized summer seventeen is full of opportunities. I plan on trying new things, building new bonds, getting out of my comfort zone, meeting new people and learning new things. This may include immersing myself in rich literature, skateboarding with friends, attending a rhythm and blues concert, spending quality time with my family, finding volunteer and work experience, and simply finding happiness in everything I do. Whatever happens this summer, all I know is that summer seventeen will be a year of new experiences.”


Heather Spooner

“Ever since I went on exchange to France in grade eight, it sparked my travel bug and I knew as soon as I was out of my house, I would have to itch it again. This summer I’ll be backpacking through Europe for 40 days. Starting in England where my family, whom I’ve never met before lives, then onto Poland and Czech Republic to visit two of my friends who are on exchange, then Italy, Spain and France. The only thing I have booked are my flights as I intend to crash on as many couches as I can as well as the odd hostel. I’m trying to leave as much of this trip as open and somewhat unplanned as possible so that way I’m not holding myself back in any way. I think the part I’m most excited for is travelling on my own and really seeing what I’m capable of, and the food of course.”

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