Art of all sorts this Friday at the Oddfellows Temple


There is just about nothing better than an intimate evening of local St. Catharines music, but what if there was also a local theatre company doing a performance?

On March 31, at The Oddfellows Temple, brand new local band, Fath Moth will play their debut show alongside Pindles, Joshua Di Iorio and The Niagara String Band with a special production by Twitches & Itches Theatre.

Local musician, Jon Lepp, of Oak and Elm and now Fat Moth, got the show together and it has been a long time coming.

“I’ve been wanting to do a show like this for years. There was a show I saw, maybe three, four years ago, it was a 420 show at Mikado or something and that was the first time I saw [Oak and Elm]. They played and there were some other bands and there was also a magician, Alex Kazam, he was based in the area for a while and now he’s in the Toronto magic scene.”

In some ways, Lepp has a lot to live up to from that show he saw.

“There was a mixture of comedy and performance with this magic, and music. They even had this hilarious booth set up to the side of the stage which was crafted out of tin foil and there was a medium, doing predictions for people there. It was just such a memorable night.”

Lepp is a multidisciplinary artist based out of St. Catharines. He says that he grew up here and went to school and after his English Literature BA at Brock he did some travelling, but upon his return he connected with the Niagara music scene.

“It’s really blossomed in the past five maybe six years, and so parts of me are like I have a pull to go away [again] but then, an even bigger pull to stay, to keep connecting with some of the people here I love it,.

Lepp explained his choice to have the show at the Oddfellows Temple, “I love that venue because it’s just like a door, and it doesn’t even say Oddfellows on it, so we are going to have to make a good sign out front of it. But actually, because they do In the Soil events and so I’ve had the chance to go in there and see some performances.

What I like about it is that it’s not a pub or a cafe, so it’s really a listening venue—the only reason people go there is for the show because there’s nothing else there. We will have a bar and we will sell booze or whatever but it’s not a bar.”

Lepp says that Fat Moth is the first full-band project he was worked on where he brought his own songs to be translated into an electric

“I did a lot of acoustic gigs where [Joe, the drummer] was just playing cajon with me, so he really got to know the songs via those acoustic shows. I love doing that with Joe but I knew we needed to take it to the next step and add bass and a lead guitarist.

I just sought out some people, and actually Jordan Alexander, he’s the lead guitar player, he’s in Mothership Landing—another band—he saw a performance and he actually reached out to me and said he really enjoyed the songs.”

Lepp invited Alexander to a practice because when someone is really into the music and excited about it while also being an excellent musician, Lepp says there is no better combination.

On this first batch of Fat Moth songs Lepp says there is no overall concept. He writes about his personal life and a little bit of politics, one of the songs is an environmental song that goes along side his documentary film work and involvement with the Save Thundering Waters Forest group.

The show will take place March 31 at the Oddfellows Temple and tickets are on sale through members of the bands and the event can be found on Facebook. Fat Moth has another multidisciplinary show coming up, organized by Lepp during In the Soil Festival at Mahtay Café on the evening of April 28.

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