8 ways to fake your way through baseball season

Spring is nearly here! And with it comes another sport that everyone else seems to know everything about.  But do they really? Major League Baseball’s spring training season is officially underway with regular season games kicking off in less than a month on April 2. Wait, what? You don’t know anything about baseball? We’re here to help! Below are some tips on how to convince everyone that you’re an expert on The Great American Pastime.

  1. Pick a team:

Any team. It doesn’t really matter which one. Do you think pirates are cool? Cheer for the Pirates. Like an underdog? The Mariners have never been to a world series. The most important thing is to choose your team and defend them to the death no matter how bad they are (not that you know). Play ‘hardball,’ as they say, and don’t back down. Your team is going all the way!

  1. Get some low-key merch:

Nothing lets everybody know you’re a bandwagoner faster than covering yourself head to toe in branded merchandise. Buying yourself a full Blue Jays uniform from cap to socks is a great way to waste a lot of money while also letting everyone know you don’t know anything. Pick up a cap or a shirt and wear them on non game days to show that you’re a ‘real fan.’

  1. Know the score:

Baseball games are REALLY LONG. Sitting through them is boring if you don’t know what’s going on. Mobile technology makes it so you don’t actually have to! Set up an app to tell you the scores of your team’s games when they happen so you always know at least the basic information.

  1. Learn the words:

Baseball comes with its own weird language. The phrases ‘bottom of the ninth,’ ‘bases loaded’ and ‘pinch hitter’ are some pretty basic ones that you’ve probably heard. Some common phrases in North American English even originate in baseball, such as ‘home run,’ ‘curveball,’ and ‘out of left field.’

  1. Watch movies:

Baseball movies are everywhere! From the serious and supernatural Field of Dreams, to the all-female classic A League of Their Own, to the remake of the kids’ movie Bad News Bears, you can learn a lot about the sport from films about it. Plus, they’re just good movies.

  1. Sing!

No idea what’s going on? Burst into song! Take Me Out to the Ballgame is a snappy little tune that most of us learned in kindergarten and singing it at the top of your lungs will definitely distract people from your lack of knowledge.

  1. Ask questions:

Not questions like ‘what is a foul ball?’ Questions like ‘Do you think _____ is overrated?’ Ask these in a group so you don’t actually have to have an opinion. Everyone else will start talking and you can just sit back and eat your nachos.

  1. Go to a game:

If you really want to get in on the fun, try going to a game. It’s  loads of fun and a great time to spend with friends. And even if you don’t learn anything at least you got to eat an $8 hot dog or some soft serve out of a batting helmet.


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