You don’t need to go to prom twice, but your dress might

Whether you’re a high school student worrying about the high costs of prom wear or a university student looking to get rid of their prom dress or suit in a way that doesn’t mean throwing them away or keeping them in storage forever, Prom Project Niagara is right for you.

This year, Brock’s Student Life and Community Experience is helping assist the annual Prom Project Niagara initiative by collecting donations of prom attire and accessories from university students from February 7 until March 10.

Whether you spent months picking out a dress, you spent hundreds of dollars to get the dress, or even sewed the dress yourself, Prom Project Niagara will give that relic of your high school memories a second wind, and could even make a local teen’s prom experience more special.

Ali McDermid, who works in the First Year Experience Department for Student Life and Community Experience, said that students are encouraged to donate old prom dresses, jackets, dress suits, dress pants, ties, shoes, heels, any type of jewellery such as hair clips and necklaces, and any other accessories that may ease the financial burden of high school students.

“I feel that this project is a very important initiative because prom is a huge event for students and with the help of the prom project, students who do not have the money for formal wear can still participate and be included,” said McDermid.

After all of the donations from across the many locations in Niagara are collected, Prom Project Niagara will host its annual event which runs a whole day that local high school students are welcome to come choose a prom outfit which can be tailored to them free of charge. This year the event will be held on April 8 at three separate high schools throughout Niagara.

If you’re looking to donate and drop off your gently used prom attire at Brock, drop off bins are available at the Schmon Tower lobby and at the Student Life Involvement Commons located in Mackenzie Chown A 204. For more information about Prom Project Niagara, visit the Niagara School Board website.

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