Tinder Tips: The Unwritten Rules

Whether you’re on Tinder to find your perfect match or some Friday night fun, make sure to follow these tips:

Find at least one picture of you by yourself, no one wants to waste time guessing who you are.

Add pictures of yourself doing whatever your hobbies are (e.g., hiking, or traveling) because someone else might be attracted to you if they have the same hobby.

  1. Don’t lie about your age to attract older people. Why bother saying you’re 21 and then put “actually 18” in your bio? Anyone looking for people over 18 are still not going to consider you.
  2. Come up with a funny one-liner for your bio, and yes these can include cheesy Dad jokes.
  3. Don’t explain your whole life story in your bio. People do not care that you are an “avid cat lover, outdoor adventurer, country girl, sports enthusiast, 5’3”, and might be 1/16 Irish”, especially if you used three emojis after every single item you listed.
  4. If someone puts “only on Tinder to meet new friends” or “only on Tinder because my friend downloaded it for me” they are lying. So please, don’t be that person.
  5. If you put your snapchat in your bio, you are just asking for the creepy people in the world to start messaging you. Try
    and avoid that situation.
  6. If you change your bio to “I am now in a relationship so I don’t use this app anymore”, just delete your account.
  7. Once you match with someone, find the right way to message them. Using GIFs and over used pick up lines can work extremely well. And if you swiped second, you should be the one to message first.
  8. You have to realize that a lot of people use Tinder as a confidence booster. They have no interest in messaging you, they just want to match with someone to give themselves confidence. So if they don’t answer your message, don’t be offended.
  9. If you’re having a conversation with someone and they seem extremely boring and/or a little bit crazy, just stop answering and don’t waste your time. It’s also very easy to unmatch someone if you feel its necessary.
  10. If you accidentally super like someone, just deal with it. It happens to the best of us.
  11. As you swipe away, just always remember that if you meet your wife/husband on Tinder, you’re going to have to tell your kids some day (this is a joke, there’s nothing wrong with meeting someone on Tinder).
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