The best and worst places to meet that special someone

The Best


Whether it’s in class, at the gym, or at an on campus event, the good part about meeting someone at school is that you can instantly relate to each other. As students, we’re all here for the same things. We want to learn more about the world, earn a degree, and get a job, all while hopefully improving ourselves along the way. So when you meet someone on campus, you’ve instantly got that common ground to work from; they’ve known some of the same struggles, challenges, and joys as you. They also probably watch way too much Netflix, while finding excuses not to do half of their readings.

Mutual Friends

Yeah I know, when a friend tries to set you up with one of their other friends, it usually goes poorly for everyone involved. However, in a more organic environment, this is a really good way to meet people. You’re a good person, so you probably do your best to surround yourself with good people, who in turn, surround themselves with good people. This means that just beyond the reach of your friends, is a whole realm of possibilities. Maybe more friends, maybe more than friends.


A bar is a party with strangers. The music, dim lighting and freely flowing alcohol all lend themselves to an atmosphere made for meeting new people. People leave their stress and baggage at the door, looking to just have a good time. Inhibitions are lower, spirits are higher, and you’re never quite certain how any given night will turn out. And unlike clubs, you can actually have a conversation with someone.

Places of Interest

People congregate based on their interests. Sports fans get together at stadiums and sport bars, artistic people gather in cafés and theatres, and video game fans meet up in their mom’s basement. You get the idea. Your passion says a lot about you. If you think it’s saying good things, then you know where to look. Finding someone who shares the same hobby, interest, or passion as you makes it easier to break the ice, connect, and move on to a more meaningful relationship.

The Worst


While clubs can be the catalyst for a fun night, they are not where you go to form meaningful relationships. They’re too loud for conversation, too dark to see whatever it is you’re looking for, and you’re probably too drunk to make any good decisions. If you think you’ve found true love at the club, wait and see if you still feel that way once you sober up.

Anonymously Online

Unlike online dating, which is surprisingly effective, anonymous forms of online interaction, be it online gaming, chat rooms, and some forms of social media, are not where you meet that special someone. For whatever reason, people feel that behind the safety of an online persona they can say or do things they would otherwise never consider. This makes it hard for these online-only relationships to become meaningful. You really don’t know the authentic person behind the mask, and that uncertainty is no proper foundation.


I shouldn’t have to say this one, but I do. The vast majority of relationships end in failure. The kind where you just want to wipe your hands clean and do better next time. Something that is explicitly tough to do when you work eight hours a day with that someone, every day. Of course, no one goes into a relationship expecting failure. That’s why this one might seem so attractive in the right circumstances. But not planning for failure is planning to fail. This one is a no-go, even if it has a pretty face.

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