Ngozichukwu Ozoemena – Candidate Profile



Ballot blurb: 

Badgers, I am NgoziChukwu Ozoemena (Negozee). Currently in fourth year, I have been given the privilege to volunteer alongside with Peer Health Educator(s) in the puppy room which helps students relieve stress etc. I am running for the position of Vice President Student Services. What do I plan to do you ask? I have the answers to your questions.

I plan on executing the following;

Ensuring that our student cards can be used during the spring/ summer school sessions for the busses. Ensuring that first year students living off campus get to experience on campus living and are included in events. I also want to implement free breakfast twice a month on Mondays. As well as concentrating on mental health awareness, the reduction in textbook prices and market food prices etc.
Vote for me and see the changes I bring to the school HOWBOUDAH.

Happy voting : )

Candidate Interview:

To the best of your understanding, what is the role and responsibilities of the Vice President of Student services?

“The role and responsibilities of the VPSS to plan and execute the events that happen throughout the year which includes o-week, frost week, wellness week and many others. The VPSS also manage over 100-plus student clubs on campus. The VPSS also provide services that students would enjoy and participate in and as well as make their Brock life memorable.”

  1. Why have you decided to run for the position of VPSS?

“Being a VPSS was something I always aspired to do and become. In my second year till my fourth year, I got involved with a number of things on campus; either being in roots, or volunteering at the puppy room or even helping first year student’s move in, I was able to make friends and communicate with other badgers like myself.  I heard complaints from other Badgers about how our school spirit isn’t shown well on campus or the services we have here on campus need to be improved on. So I decided to run for this position since this is the position that allows me to do that and bring changes to our school spirit while as well improving our services for a better life at Brock University for students.”

  1. Why do you believe you should be elected as VPSS?

“This is such an amazing question. I believe I should be elected as VPSS because of my qualities and experiences I can bring to this position. This position has a large portfolio and I believe I have what it takes to and assets for this position. I am a well-balanced individual. The individual should be able to know the students and as well as themselves. My platform ideas are feasible and would be executed if I am elected.”

  1. If you needed to summarize your platform into three main issues at Brock that you believe need to be addressed, what would they be? How do you plan to address these issues?

“All year round Transportation: Bus is a really effective way that about 75% students get around and unfortunately during the spring/summer students cannot use their Brock Card on the buses and this is a huge issue that needs to be solved and if elected, I would like to be able to solve that problem.

Easier access around Brock University: Being in a new environment is hard enough but not knowing where anything is in that new environment is hard as well. I want to upgrade the campus map in the Brock mobile app to make it interactive and engaging by making it a GPS system which would help navigate around Brock University. This idea would not just be effective for first year but for everyone in Brock university as well especially for the most famous confusing building at Brock “Mackenzie Chown”. Getting around it can be very confusing for any individual, so making the campus map interactive and it would be at your fingertips would save a lot of students from getting lost on their first day or a first day in finding their seminars in a Mackenzie Chown class.

Experience Brock University in its entirety: First year is that year that you use to make friends and get to fully know what make you, you. what things you are into and clubs you would like to join and you can easily do this while living on campus. Imagine first year students that are not privileged to live on campus due to late admission etc.  Off campus first year students can’t do such due to the fact that they don’t live on campus, they just attend classes and go back home. I want to find a way to that off campus students experience Brock University in its whole entirety. “

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