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Ballot blurb: 

Hey BU!

My name is Nadia Bathish and I’m writing in hopes of gaining your confidence to be elected as your next VPEA. To begin, I’d like to give a short introduction about myself and my time here at Brock.

I’m currently a 4th year Political Science student with a minor in Business. I’ve been a committed member of the varsity Women’s Soccer program for the past 4 years and, more recently, I have been granted the opportunity of representing the Faculty of Social Science as a BUSAC Councilor, as well as sitting on the BUSU Board of Directors. Looking at these past experiences, I am extremely thankful as I believe they have allowed me to gain the necessary skills and values to best execute the role as VPEA

As you may have already seen, this year, my platform can simply be encapsulated as #EngageBU. One of the main roles of any executive position is to be well-connected and well-informed of the 18,000 undergraduate students here at Brock. If elected, methods of increasing student engagement are definitely among the top of my list so TOGETHER we can tackle important issues like textbook affordability, municipal relations, mental health support, and much more!

This election season, I encourage you all to be active and informed voters as it is my hope to see a student union truly represent the core of its cause. Please don’t be shy to stop me in the hall and chat and I would love to further discuss my platform points. With that being said, I hope that I have presented myself as a considerable nominee who is worthy of your vote. In closing, if elected to VPEA, I can ensure that I’ll serve as a well-informed voice with a sound and capable mind.
Thank you!

Candidate Interview:

To the best of your understanding, what is the role and responsibilities of the position of Vice President of External Affairs?

“I believe that the role and position of Vice President of External Affairs includes developing and maintaining relationships with representatives of all levels of governments and that includes federal, provincial, municipal and acting as a liaison between internal government within Brock including the senate, the faculties and different institutions. But most importantly I believe as the VPEA I also believe tis important to be engaged with the student voice as being an active member within the Brock community.”

Why have you decided to run for the VPEA position?

“I believe that I am the accurate representation of the typical student here at Brock. My involvement ranges from BUSU to athletics, to the Niagara region as a whole. As VPEA he must act as a liaison between Brock students and a variety of external bodies, this meaning the person who fills this position must be diverse in their involvement in order to get the best representation of the Brock voice. My track record simply exemplifies such and my characteristics do nothing but further prove why I’m the best candidate running for this position.”

If you needed to summarize your platform into three main issues at Brock that you believe need to be addressed, what would they be? How do you plan to address these issues?

“First one would be mental health support. Here at Brock we do not have professional counselling. If we are to go over to health services right now, it’s a referral service usually that takes a very long time and when students are in crisis they don’t have that long to wait. I’m very passionate about bringing a mental health professional here to Brock. Ultimately we’d be saving student lives.

Secondly, textbook affordability. That meaning I’m looking to bring open educational resources which are basically like course packages except that they’re online and they’re free. This is already going on in BC across 31 institutions, and I believe that if I keep pushing in BUSU we can bring the same thing here to Ontario and ultimately Brock.

Lastly, student engagement. This including by starting a first year council and engagement within the Niagara region so working with Niagara College to better advocate student concerns within the Niagara region as a unified voice.”

If elected, what would you do differently from past VPEAs?

“I would say there’s always room for improvement to be engaged with the student body. One of my platform points, as I said, I want to start a first year council that hasn’t been done here at Brock. As many of you know BUSAC? Elections have been within the now February and March months and we’re leaving out a quarter of the student voice. By engaging more of the first years by giving them a chance to voice their concerns, that way we would be better engaging student voice here on campus.”

Any addition comments?

“To simply put it, I wouldn’t be running for this position if I didn’t think I was the best candidate to fill this role. Just looking at my background I’ve been involved in BUSAC, I’m on the board of directors, and I’ve gained connections within athletics as I’ve been a member of the soccer team for four years and I’ve been involved with the community through different volunteer initiatives. Additionally my personality does nothing but compliment my background in that I’m passionate, outgoing and an approachable face on the campus – this makes me undoubtedly the best candidate running for this role. I want to remind students to vote on Tuesday through their Brock emails.”

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