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Ballot blurb: 

I am Mel Gencer, a fourth year Economics student and former student of the Goodman School of Business. With 14 different pieces of my platform, each with a specific and realistic plan to achieve them QUICKLY and virtually NO ADDITIONAL COST to students, my plan will help students achieve their potential unlike any other candidate. See my platform at MELGENCER.COM or visit our Facebook page at MEL2017.

I am one of the most experienced students when it comes to leadership, student life and innovative problem solving and solution implementation. Helping students and other people achieve their potential is my passion. Creating a region wide food drive for the women’s shelter and the youth shelter this past December, founding two clubs and being an executive of a third, creating and running three student run businesses, and being a part of 5 other student companies, I am not only experienced in management and leadership, but also creating long lasting impact with the most benefit for everyone.

As a person passionate about mental health issues, women’s and minority rights, food affordability, financial costs to students and many other issues. I have not only done things in my past to support many of these issues, but have realistic and innovative policies that will work to help solve each and every one of these issues and many more.

Candidate Interview:

To the best of your understanding what is the role and responsibilities of the position of the present of BUSU?

So the presidency position can include a lot of things number one is to help the other executives to complete their role, do what they need to do. It’s to negotiate and talk with the administration and basically be the communication between the students union as a whole as well as the administration. That covers a lot of responsibilities when it comes to talking to all the VPS and helping them with their individual tasks, you doing what you promised that’s under your umbrella of responsibility and then taking those things and turning them into proposals for the actual administration saying this is what we need from the administration. Communication admiration needs back to the students union and have that followed through.”

Why have you decided to run for the presidency this year?

“For quite a few reasons. I’ve always kept an eye on student union policies and politics. I’ve always taken a part in helping students do other things through clubs, my businesses, and the events that I run. This year for example we did a food drive we raised 300 meals for the women’s and youth shelter. After a lot of my friends and those around me that said that I’ve got a lot of good ideas, I know how to create policy, that I have a lot of understanding of what needs to be done certain ways and how it can be really cost efficient. I decided to give it a try. I decided to see what the appetite is, how many signatures I can get, how many nominations I can get, how fast it would take me and basically how many people would want me to run. And it was really positive. The more diversity in any election, the better it is because the more ideas you have. I thought there’s no real negative reason to run but that I do have all the reasons in a positive way to run for myself.”

Why do you believe you should be elected to the position of BUSU president?

“I believe I should be elected because, not only my experiences, but the type of experience I have. When it comes to solving problems, when it comes to helping students, when it comes to creating events, talking about things and putting them into a different perspective, putting things into light… putting things in a new perspective a lot of people don’t really look at anymore. I always believe in working as a team and bringing in new ideas and new solutions. If I was elected I would be a president who talks about transparency very often, who pushes issues that matter to students and who comes up with ideas that can be implemented quickly, feasibly within the year.”

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