Meet your new 2017-18 BUSU Executives

The results for the Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) elections rang in on the late evening of February 16, just before the winter reading week began, when the new BUSU executive team was announced.

Each year, students vote via their Brock emails to decide which students will represent them for the following school year, making decisions regarding things such as student services, external, financial affairs and more. Thus, the most important outcome of this process is the election of an annual BUSU executive team which consists of the President, the Vice President of Student Services (VPSS), the Vice President of External Affairs (VPEA) and the Vice President of Finance and Administration (VPFA).

For the following school year, students have voted in Faisal Hejazi as the BUSU President, winning with 66 per cent of the total vote, Maddy Wassink as VPSS, winning with 48 per cent of the total vote, Aidan Hibma as VPFA, winning with 36 per cent of the total vote and Nadia Bathish as VPEA with a total of 38 per cent of the vote.

Hejazi is hoping to achieve several large goals as next school year’s BUSU President. Two of his most prominent platform goals are to double the size of the current Brock gym and to open up an affordable grocery store right on campus.

“I understand the importance of physical activity and how it is one of the best coping mechanisms for stress,” said Hejazi. His goal to double the size of the gym would be met “by extending the gym into the courtyard through a referendum that students would have the opportunity to vote on.”

As for bringing an affordable grocery store to Brock, Hejazi said that he “will work with administration of the University to advocate for the need of a grocery store and to ultimately find a space” because he sees the importance of student budgeting and how high food prices can be.

The need for more student spaces continues to be voiced with the newly elected VPSS, Wassink, who plans to create more areas around campus where students can lounge and relax in between classes.

For instance, creating a more comfortable space in the area on top of Hungry Badger.

Moreover, Wassink hopes to increase school spirit by encouraging greater attendance as well as create better events for students during O-Week as well as year round.

Student engagement is to be an important aspect of each BUSU executive’s platforms, including Bathish who has been elected as the VPEA, who wants to create a Brock council that would have ties with the Niagara region in order to create a unified voice.

Additionally, Bathish wants to create more support for mental health initiatives as well as for textbook affordability for Brock students.

Last but not least, Hibma, who was voted in as the VPEA, will tackle the difficult issues currently revolving around parking and transit services at Brock University.

He plans to work with the city to provide a shuttle bus service that would be available during extended library hours as well as create an online application for parking services that would allow for students, faculty and staff to pay in advance and even schedule alerts for when the time on their meter is running low.

“I can’t wait to work with the rest of the amazing team voted in to get all of our platform points, and more, accomplished,” said Wassink.


The BUSU elections went as followed:


Faisal Hejazi = 65.66 per cent

– Peter Henen = 23.85 per cent

– Mel Gencer = 10.59 per cent


Vice President, Finance and


- Aidan Hibma = 35.95 per cent

– Amalia Banava = 31.28 per cent

– David Stark = 20.88 per cent

– Jordan Albanese = 9.34 per cent

– Brandon Schofield = 2.55 per cent


Vice President, External Affairs:

- Nadia Bathish = 38.1 per cent

– Olivier Kayitaba = 30.96 per cent

– Istafa Sufi = 30.94 per cent


Vice-President, Student Services

- Maddy Wassink = 47.26 per cent

– Nathan Chick = 32.32 per cent

– Ngozichukwu Ozoemena =20 per cent

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