Luncheon Speaker Series continues at Goodman School of Business

An artists rendering of the Goodman School Expansion

The Goodman School of Business may be undergoing some significant renovations, but that doesn’t mean it’s not business as usual. Since 2005, the school has been hosting a luncheon speaker series, and that series is continuing into 2017 with one talk in February and two more coming up in March. The talks cover a range of topics related to business and teaching.

Dr. Anteneh Ayanso, Associate Professor in the Department of Finance, Operations, and Information Systems at the Goodman School of Business will be speaking on February 17. Ayanso, who won the 2016 Goodman School of Business Award for Excellence in Teaching, will be speaking on the teaching of data analytics and business school. You can find that lecture in Sankey Chambers, the large board room off the side of the stairs going from the Tower into Mackenzie Chown.

In March, the Goodman Luncheon Series will feature Dr. Osman Ulas Aktas, an Assistant Professor of Finance in the Department of Finance, Operations, and Information Systems. The talk is entitled “Effects of Price Limits on the Borsa Istanbul (BIST)” and will take place on March 3 in Taro Hall, TA 207.

At the end of March, the series will feature a visit from Prof. Dr. Arch G. Woodside. Woodside is a member and fellow of the American Psychological Association, Royal Society of Canada, Association of Psychological Sciences, International Academy for the Study of Tourism, Society for Marketing Advances, and the Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy. His talk, entitled “Breaking the Current Pervasive Grip of Bad Theory and Analytics in Research in the Management Sub-Disciplines” and will take place in Sankey Chambers on March 31. Professor Woodside is a professor of Marketing at Boston College in the US and Curtin University in Perth, Australia. He has published over 450 research articles in various journals and written and edited over 50 books.

Space for attendees of the Luncheon Speaker Series is limited. Contact your Goodman School department chair for more information.


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