Is it time for you to live with bae?

You’ve had plenty of sleepovers, visited many places together, met their parents and you probably even have a collection of personal items at their place. Whether you’ve been dating your significant other for six months or 10 years, there comes a time in every serious relationship where living together becomes a legitimate possibility, and maybe even a goal.

You love the days and nights you spend with them because you feel most comfortable and happiest when they’re around. When you’re not with them, you’re wishing you were. They’ve become the person who knows your quirks and desires the best and they always help you feel better when you’re down. Your significant other may very well be your best friend.

Yet, the concept of living together may cause you to worry because you love your alone time. You love to binge watch your favourite show while laying in bed and shamelessly eating whole bars of chocolate one by one and you also worry that living together will negatively impact your relationship. You wonder if you’re truly ready to let your significant other into every single aspect of your life.

Speaking as someone who has lived with their significant other for almost a year, I’ll tell you that you need to understand that living together is about fully allowing somebody else into your world. When a couple lives together, their lives become more intertwined than ever before. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. It’s exciting, wonderful and can bring you closer than ever before. Of course, as every relationship goes, there will be tough times, but living together can actually make those easier to get through because there isn’t much room to avoid each other.

If the thought of moving in together doesn’t absolutely scare the bejeebers out of you, and you’re more excited about the idea of cuddling to sleep every night and creating endless inside jokes, then it seems like you and your ‘bae’ may be ready to live together.

Make sure to have that conversation to agree that you’re both on the same page, and once you are… the adventure begins!

Here are my top five reasons for why you should consider moving in with your significant other.

1) It’s an endless sleepover with your best friend!

If your relationship is anything like mine, your significant other is legitimately your best friend. Living together, and being adults, is absolutely great. You get to cook together, game together, binge watch shows together, and basically do whatever you want (in your free time of course). And being snuggled to sleep every night is definitely a plus.

2) Kiss goodbye to annoying roommates and complicated drama!

Alright, this obviously doesn’t apply to everyone but the majority of university students I know have had a bad roommate experience. It can be extremely difficult when your roommate is super messy, extra loud or simply a jerk about most things, and it sucks if you don’t know them well enough, or are simply too nice, to talk to them about it. If you and your significant other have a healthy relationship, there is nothing you can’t say, and once it’s said… it’ll be solved one way or another.

3) You get to save money.

Seriously, I can’t stress this enough. Saving money is amazing. My boyfriend and I split on a one-bedroom apartment and it’s a life saver. We also split on a majority of our bills like groceries and nights out. It definitely helps alleviate stress surrounding money, which can be tough as a university student enough as it is. Also, if you ever do need help, there’s someone there to support you.

4) You never feel lonely and you’re never bored .

When I was single and Friday night came along and I didn’t have any plans, boy would I feel bored. Now that I’m in a relationship and Friday night comes along and I have no plans, at least I’m planless with my boyfriend, which makes me feel happy because it’s kind of like I always have a plan. I never get bored because we’re always doing something together, and when we’re not, we’re doing separate activities side by side.

5) “I think we’re just gonna go home”

I wanted to save the best one for last. There are some people who think that couples are lame to go out with because they’ll end up going home early in the night. But let me share a secret with you. We go home because there’s things we would prefer to be doing just the two of us, if you know what I mean. There’s always that luxury in a good relationship when you live together.

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