If you want my body and you think I’m sexy

In an ideal world, it would be fan-friggin’-tastic to know whether or not someone is interested in your before they even open their mouths. However, we live in a world where such things are not so dream-like, but it is possible thanks to body language to pin-point signals of attraction. With the glorious power of body language, you can tell if someone is interested in you or not within a few encounters. Unquestionably, it is much more beneficial to approach a person who has unconsciously shown interest in you than to approach a person you’re uncertain about. You’re less likely to get rejected and your confidence level soars.

Here are seven body language signs that might indicate interest.

1. Adjusting: When we’re in the company of people that interest us, we try our best to look good. If a person always does “preening” gestures when with you – it is a good indication that they’re interested in you. These gestures include; adjusting the hair, adjusting clothing and anything that reassures the person that he/she is looking good in your presence.

2. My feet really like you: Sometimes, turning their body towards you in an obvious way can seem too awkward and desperate, especially if they’re positioned close to you. Although the person may avoid turning their body towards you, their feet may give them away. If their feet are pointing towards you, it is a good indication they’re interested in you.

3. “I flip my hair back and forth”:This is usually done when women are flirting. They will flick their hair backwards as a way display the face better, even for short haired women, this can be done. Why is this a thing? To emphasize their gorgeous facial features and usually to expose the scent of their hair and perfume.

4. Hips don’t lie: It is a fact that women have wider hips than men for childbearing purposes. This also means that women walk in a way that emphasize their hips with a unique wiggle that men cannot do. Think of the gorgeous iconic walk of Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch. Women who feel attraction to a man they are speaking with, may also shift their hips from side to side while walking.

5. “Who cares about eyebrows?”: That was a Seinfeld reference for those of you who didn’t get that. Men unintentionally raise their eyebrows in response to something you say. This can indicate interest in what you’re saying. However, it can also be a friendly reaction, so you’ll really have to add this one to the list of potential romantic male body cues.

There you have it Badgers, those are some of the ways you can tell that someone is interested in you through their body language. While these signs may indicate interest, please remember that consent is always necessary when pursuing someone of interest (for more info on consent see page 18 of this issue). If someone appears to be uninterested, move on – there are other fish in
the sea.


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