Humble Bundle brings a new edge to the video game industry

Humble Bundle Inc., the digital storefront most commonly known for video game sales, recently raised 3.5 million dollars US for pro-immigrant charities.

In wake of US President Donald Trump’s ban on immigration, the company was able to contribute all proceeds of their sales from the Humble Freedom Bundle to the American Civil Liberties Union, the International Rescue Committee, Doctors Without Borders and other similar organizations.

Humble Bundle, since it’s conception in 2010, has raised over 65 million dollars for over 50 charities.

The concept of the store is based on a pay-what-you-can system. Starting with the low price of one dollar US, Humble Bundle offers up to hundreds of dollars of gaming content in its game bundle section, which typically expires and refreshes with new games on a weekly basis. The more the gamer chooses to pay, the more content they are able to access. From the bundles, the buyer is able to choose exactly where their money goes; a percentage to the game producer, Humble Bundle’s suggested charity or a charity of the buyer’s choice, or to the Humble Tip Pool, which is used to cover hosting and other costs of the bundle.

Aside from the weekly bundles, the site also hosts a store with hundreds of other gaming opportunities, mostly at a discounted rate from what they are typically sold at. From regular store sales, five per cent is donated to charity, with an option for an additional five per cent donation to the same charity or to the customer’s wallet, which can be used to build up a discount for future purchases.

The company, while originally only featuring games, broke out into a publishing market as of February 2017. Offering the same kind of pay-what-you-can system as their video game bundles, Humble Book Bundles branches off into literature that varies and, like the game bundles, expires after a number of days.

Humble Bundle hosts their products on multiple platforms, allowing customers to link their purchases to Steam accounts and download on a variety of operating systems, including Android and offers cross-platform support. For their books, availability ranges from PDF to ePUB and MOBI file types.

For more information about Humble Bundle, their charity initiatives, upcoming bundles, and general inquiries, visit


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