Harris Sheikh – BUSAC Candidate Profile

 Harris Sheikh

Faculty of Math & Sciences (Appointed)

Why have you decided to run for this position?

“This would be my third year on BUSAC, so I’ve had some experience being a councilor. Allow me to provide some context as to why I initially ran for this position and certain things that have come into fruition during my time as the Math & Science Councilor on BUSAC. I first ran for this position in the hopes of tackling the lack of diversity in food options at Brock. As a Muslim, I adhere to certain dietary restrictions. The availability of halal, kosher and vegetarian options is certainly a factor that some students must take into consideration when deciding on which school to attend. And, as a science student, I often found myself spending very long hours at Brock, so, unless I brought food from home, my only option was to resort to the sugary treats and beverages offered at Tims – the point being it was extremely unhealthy. Through advocacy and speaking to the appropriate individuals, I noticed some changes being made. BUSAC, it’s a collective effort to improve the student experience advocating for things like this. One of the options that started in my second year was the halal shawarma they brought in. That served as a stepping stone to another big change that will be coming within the week so stay tuned.”

What makes you the best candidate for this position?

“At this point it would be my experience. This year on BUSAC, I am the chair of the Governance committee; we regulate bylaws and other legislation that govern BUSU. We also research best practices at other schools and see how we can implement them at Brock in the hopes of improving the student experience. Furthermore, as an executive member of various clubs, I am actively involved in various campus events. I think the experience I gained from these roles and situations have rendered me to be the best candidate.”

How do you plan to represent the students of your faculty?

“This year, I would say being the president of the Math and Science Council complements this role well, as I can organize events with the faculty for students and staff. An example of this is the Undergraduate Research Conference that we hold annually. This provides students the opportunity to present their research and other students that aren’t involved with an avenue to speak with students and professors about getting involved. Another example is the review sessions we hold to assist students in their preparation for midterms/exams.”

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