Furaha Means Fun, and Fun Means Nobody Gets Left Behind


If you’re looking for an alternative for that regular Saturday clubbing experience while seeking an event that promotes fun, culture, and food then on February 11, Isaacs is where you’ll want to be.

One of Brock’s most anticipated events, Furaha is a riveting experience that’ll give you the study break you deserve.

The Brock East African Student Association (BEASA) has got all the connections that’ll make Furaha night to remember.

A spellbinding and magical night is anticipated as Brock students come together to unwind and celebrate diversity.

“We want to show the Brock community that there is a solidarity amongst everybody, especially with the political discomfort happening right now,” said Azuhura Msof, an Executive of the BEASA club. “It’s always good to get together and let the people around us know we are still here for each other.”

At Furaha you’ll find yourself with your friends in Afro/semi-formal attire indulging in a flavorful variety of dishes catered by Mandi Grill, a delicious Turkish and Iranian cuisine. If food and friends hasn’t sold you yet, then get ready for a vibrant night full of rich entertainment. Enjoy an enchanting performance by Live4Dance, music from the east-side of Scarborough by the group RISE, and a fashion show that showcases traditional East African attire. There is something for everyone and BEASA has worked hard to ensure that everyone will have fun this Saturday.

For delicious food and rich entertainment all night, tickets can be bought in advance for $25 at the Fish Bowl or for $30 at the door on the evening of the event.

Furaha promotes East Africa’s rich culture parallel with Black History month in a lively dynamic space that fuses the two.

“When we think of Black History month in Western culture, we don’t often think of other leaders around the world, so it’s not just looking at people 60 years ago who paved the way but we look at people who are demonstrating black excellence currently,” expressed Lydia Collins, a friendly and enthusiastic BEASA executive.

“Everyone is welcomed, a lot of the time people ask about our club and ask if it’s only for East African people. It’s not, it’s not just exclusive to black people, its inclusive to everybody, especially with black history month because black history is everyone’s history.”

So as we transition into our midterm season, remember to treat yourself to the study break you deserve this Feb. 11. The Furaha cultural fair starts at 5 p.m. Come with your friends decked out in afro/semi-formal attire and be ready for an experience full of life.


For more information, email BEASA at beasa.brock@gmail.com, and find them on Twitter: @brock_beasa, Facebook: Brock East African Student Association and  Instagram: @BEASA.BROCK



** Disclaimer: Lydia Collins is also the social media editor for The Brock Press.


-Bryan Pham, Contributor

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