Convertible outerwear helps refugees

Outerwear company ADIFF may have a way to help with the continuing refugee crisis. The company, a new humanitarian fashion start-up  has created a series of convertible jackets addressing a wide range of difficulties that refugees might be facing as they travel from one place to another in search of safety.

Originally created with the refugee crisis in mind, ADIFF’s reversible, highly-reflective jackets, just one of the many they offer, allow those in need of rescue to been seen from far away. By flipping them inside out, the jackets look like any other jacket, allowing the wearer to blend in should they not wish to be seen from the air. The jackets feature highly reflective material on one side and camouflage green on the other and are made of waterproof material. They contain large pockets and are designed to fit loosely to allow them to fit nearly anyone.

“While researching the refugee crisis, I noticed numerous daily issues faced by refugees that could be addressed through design,” says Angela Luna, 22 years old, social entrepreneur, designer, and founder of the humanitarian start-up ADIFF on the company’s Kickstarter page. “This prompted me to create a series of garments that responded to these needs. These products aimed to provide shelter, safety, comfort, security, and other things for people on the go.”

Other models created by the company include a jacket that converts into a two-person tent, as well as one that converts into a tent that will fit two adults and two children. In situations of uncertain shelter and the occasional need to drop everything and run, these jackets provide a sense of security. Even if you can’t bring everything with you, you’re already wearing the place your family will sleep for the night. Also created by ADIFF is a jacket with built-in child carriers and another with an inflatable flotation device. The company also produces a jacket that easily converts into a sleeping bag, something that might also be useful for homeless populations in Canada and the United states.

The reflective jackets were tested by refugees in Greece, says Luna, and received 100 per cent positive feedback.

“This jacket was originally designed to address the need of a refugee to be seen one second and hide the next. By having a jacket that could instantly adapt, their safety can always be a priority. After testing the product in Greece this past fall, we determined that it is guaranteed to increase safety for refugees while traveling at night, especially on unlit roads.”

The company says their multipurpose jackets are practical, durable, waterproof, and “prepared to be worn in numerous environments.” ADIFF also says they design their  “all gender and one-size transformable products that are equally beautiful and functional” to address a specific need, rather than simply to make a profit.

The company has now made their reflective jackets available to everyone through Kickstarter. For every jacket purchased, the company will donate another to a refugee in need. With only a week to go in their campaign, the company has surpassed their $60,000 funding goal.

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