Brock unveils new hotline for reporting concerns on campus

The Brock community now has a 24-hour website and hotline where they can discuss and disclose concerns about inappropriate activity happening on campus. This is now possible due to the recently-approved Safe Disclosure Policy.

Just over a year ago, the policy was approved, putting Brock among a modern group of institutions. The policy applies to all Brock students, employees, volunteers and suppliers. This approach creates a safe mechanism if people wish to disclose information about suspected inappropriate activity.

Brock’s Director of Internal Audit, Rob Cargelli, says that the new hotline and website are essentially only intended for those who feel uneasy or uncomfortable disclosing such information in person. He goes on to say that the system has been designed to guarantee that no form of identity will be uncovered. Thus, allowing persons to freely disclose information anonymously with the University after a compliant or disclosure has been made.

When logging into the CARE system, discloser’s are given an access code to a portal that is secure to again, ensure safety and anonymity. As stated on the University’s website, it was developed at the direction of the Board of Trustees, which saw a need to support employees who want to help protect Brock’s integrity and wellbeing.

Board Chair, John Suk, said that “it is very important [for] individuals to have a route to express concerns they may have with inappropriate behaviour in an organization. These are instances where people see or hear things that should not be tolerated in a progressive workplace, but feel that their observations may reflect [poorly] on them or even lead to retaliatory actions.”

He continues, “A safe disclosure policy is intended to provide people with a safe and confidential avenue to report these incidents without any fear of reprisal, with the further goal to improve the overall working environment.”


The toll-free phone line 1 855 484 CARE (2273) and website ( let people communicate in confidence and anonymously, to a third-party consultant who is independent from the University administration.


-Loredana Del Bello, Assistant Campus News Editor

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