Brock student advocates for working at RBC

Jake Berec advocates for students working for RBC / LinkedIn


A third year Brock student studying finance is hoping to inspire others to pursue experiences with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), where he recently completely a co-op placement through the Goodman School of Business.

Brock’s internship and co-op placements offer students the experience of developing skills, learning about the lifestyles and responsibilities of various jobs across several career options, networking with industry professionals and so much more.

Jake Berec spent four months, of the fall semester, working as an operations analyst for RBC. He shared his experiences, learning outcomes and motivations with The Brock Press, as well as explained his role as the chosen RBC Student Ambassador.

“I went into the role not knowing a whole lot about RBC,” said Berec. “But my time with RBC showed me that it is an amazing place to work. I met a lot of great people and had the opportunities to work on a variety of different and interesting projects.”

Furthermore, Berec shared that he was pleased to be treated as an equal at RBC, explaining that he never felt like simply a co-op student that was in and out in a short amount of time.

“The senior teams and full time staff were very involved in my professional development,” said Berec. “It was obvious that they wanted to help in every way possible to help me succeed and grow as a professional.”

During his co-op, Berec had many opportunities that not every placement may offer. He had the chance to have a sit down lunch with the Group Head of Technology and Operations, who Berec explained as being one of the main nine people that helps in steering the strategic direction of RBC.

“It was great to be able to have lunch with such a senior member of RBC,” recalled Berec. “I learned so much about the company and its goals and aspirations. I began to understand that RBC is not just a bank, it’s a technological and social company that wants to help people grow into successful individuals.”

Berec explained that although people assume that RBC is simply a bank that hires finance-related workers, “anybody can work there, even if those people who know nothing about finance. The thing that people don’t know is that RBC will help find the right fit for somebody and find a way to make them an incredibly valuable part of the company.”

Whether somebody studies Business, Social Sciences, Communications, English or Creative Writing, Berec says that RBC has a way of welcoming everybody to their team.

Amazed with his experience at RBC, Berec accepted the position of RBC Student Ambassador. His role includes bringing awareness to students, and potential graduates, about the opportunities that RBC has to offer. For instance, Berec says that during his co-op placement, there were at least 10 other student interns across several different departments. In retrospect, RBC hires over 800 co-op students a year.

“I learned so many new skills and developed as a person,” said Berec. “I want others to be able to know that they have the chance to have the same opportunity that I was given. I’m here to help if anybody has any questions, and I want to show students that working for a bank can be a lot of fun, especially a bank that is always looking for students to help grow their professional skills.”

“I’m happy to speak about my experiences with RBC with anybody at any time,” said Berec.


Berec encourages students who are interested in having a student placement, or potential full time position, with RBC to contact him by email at

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