Brock has a Human Rights Task Force?

Chair of the Human Rights Task Force, Bradley Clarke provided The Brock Press with further insights as to what exactly the Task Force provides to the university as well as the surrounding community.

“The Brock University Human Rights Task Force was established to consult with the campus community and then provide recommendations to the President to improve Brock’s human rights policies, processes, services and supports,” Clarke said. “The Task Force is comprised of Brock students, staff, faculty and members of the external community.” The Task Force was created in early 2016 by then Brock University President, Jack Lightstone.

“Early on, the Task Force elected to prioritize sexual violence, racial climate and ableism as areas of focus. While universities are not immune to the human rights issues that face our broader society, our hope is that with demonstrated leadership and dedicated effort and resources, Brock will become a more equitable, diverse and respectful university and a champion for human rights in post-secondary education in Ontario, across Canada and beyond.”

What exactly does the Task Force have to offer to Brock University? The Task Force provides an opportunity for members of the Brock community to be heard, to share their experiences related to human rights at Brock.

“We are interested in hearing about both the successes and the struggles,” said Clarke.“We want Brock students, staff and faculty to give us their thoughts, opinions and recommendations; ultimately the goal is to strengthen a culture that respects all human rights here at Brock.”

“Over the last six months, the Task Force has consulted with various campus administrative units and equity-seeking individuals and groups to better understand their experiences with human rights at Brock. Based on what we heard, the Human Rights Task Force has now drafted an interim report, intended to share preliminary findings and recommendations with the Brock community so that we can solicit feedback and gather further insights, experiences and suggestions for ways forward,” Clarke continues. “Following this round of campus consultation, a final report will be delivered to Brock’s President in April 2017.”

There have already been fourteen meetings conducted for the Task Force, with the most recent one held on Jan. 26, but who can attend these meetings? Clarke says that the Human Rights Task Force meetings are open to the broader Brock community. “Everyone is welcome! We are also inviting all members of the Brock community to attend our open consultation meetings in February and March 2017.” Upcoming dates for the meetings are posted online, as well as agenda packages.


If you are interested in the Human Rights Task Force and require more information, please contact the Bradley Clarke, at Additional information about the Human Rights Task Force is also available at


-Loredana Del Bello, Assistant Campus News Editor 

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