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Ballot blurb: 

Hello Badgers, my name is Aidan Hibma and I am a 4th year political science major with a double minor in sociology and economics. I am running to become your next Vice President of Finance & Administration. Let me tell you why I believe I am best suited to become your next VPFA.

With regards to experience I currently sit as your Vice Chair to the Board of Directors and sit as the Board representative to the Internal Affairs Committee. These positions have taught me the importance of performing due diligence on all budgets, to ensures there is a complete understanding of where student funds are being allocated to and why the amount is being allocated specifically. This is crucial when ensuring we are not wasting or misappropriating any of the students’ funds. Sitting on internal affairs I have learned why it is vital to establish a running budget for our transit system. I have directly played a hand in the creation of the transit referendum; to ensure it is not only a reasonable number but also so BUSU isn’t forced to cut any of the current bus routes at Brock.

In addition to understanding the role it is quintessential for any candidates’ ability to succeed as VPFA to have the proper outlook, with regards to their motivation. If elected I will not wait for the transition period to begin in order for me to start my shadowing the current VPFA. As I am an extremely positive individual I will be able to work constructively with my fellow executives to figure out where are agendas overlap, in order to inclusive and strategic lobbying efforts when it comes to benefiting the students campus wide.
Hope to see you in Academic South to learn about my inclusive platform for all students.

Candidate Interview:

To the best of your understanding what is the role and responsibility for the position of the Vice President of Finance and Administration?

“So the VPFA deals with a diverse portfolio. First off he addresses all transit within the University, Health and Dental, so you work with Joanne, to make sure our health and dental plan, and additional health and dental related services are there. You have monthly administrative meetings with members of the trust. On top of that, you are a member of senate, and then you will be expected to sit on various sub committees of senate which meets monthly. You also have to do requisition checks every Wednesday, to perform the due diligence to make sure the money is being allocated properly throughout the University. And then if everything looks good you sign off on the check on Friday. And then also in regards to the monthly administrative meetings and the senate, you pretty much act as a lobbyist for the students, which is reflected in each candidate’s platform, for what you’re going to be lobbying.”

Why did you decide to run for this position?

“Currently I sit as the Vice Chair to the Board of Directors, which has given me a lot of experience to the internal workings of the University. Working with various managers and various businesses, and you do get to create some change but a majority of the change you are creating is change that is being brought to you. Then you as the board are asking questions about the financing, the feasibility of it, so you don’t really get to bring your own ideas to the table. And then I think with my love in regards to BUSU it just seemed like the next step in my involvement at Brock because I have a lot of great ideas that I think are going to benefit the University and all the students here substantially.”

Why do you believe you should be elected as the VPFA?

“There’s a few reasons. First, my drive. This is my third time running in a BUSU election, I lost my first one but it has no means stopped me from getting more and more involved. I also think that with regards to my sitting as the Vice Chair of the Board, I’ve learned how to manage my time effectively, in cases when the Chair to the Board isn’t there, I’ve been able to delegate the schedule to my various board members. I also have experience as I’m the board representative to internal affairs, so I have experience working directly with transit, which falls under the portfolio of the VPFA. On top of that, I do have experience with doing due diligence with regards to the requisition checks already. I’m the treasurer to the largest fraternity on campus, and so pretty much we got hit with a substantial insurance bill that was $3000 over our projected, what we thought it was going to be. Instead of just giving them the eight grand, I went and started contacting the guys out of New York to find out why we’re getting hit with so much, so I think I already have some experience there. And on top of that, the biggest one is the fact that my platform speaks to a lot of students. It speaks to a lot of students, it’s not only 100 per cent feasible, it covers all aspects of the portfolio for the VPFA. I have a direct route for how I’m going to improve each aspect of student life.”

You talked about this is the third time you are running for a BUSU position, how’s your experience in that past help you campaigning, or helped you for your platform this time around?

“What’s it’s done is it’s given me a lot of experience with public speaking, which is always good because that is fundamental when you’re giving your debates with regards to expressing your platform ideas in a clear and articulate manner to the students. But it’s also given me a lot of time to embrace myself within the Brock Community to figure out where we’re lacking in certain essential needs for the students. It’s allowed me to create a diverse group of friends, so I’m not specifically targeting one type of Badgers, but all Badgers in my platform.”

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