Adding flare to your fling

Whether you and your partner have an amazing relationship, or things are starting to get rocky, there’s always something you can do to add a little flare to your fling. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to be in crisis mode to spice things up. It can just be to make a regular date night more fun or memorable, or even just trying to go an extra step to make your partner feel special.

Trying new things always brings fear of failure, but don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself because it can sometimes make it even better. That being said, you can’t take it too seriously. And you don’t need to go all Fifty Shades of Grey either — unless you want to. Here are a few tips:

Dressing up and dressing down

Try testing out some lingerie. It doesn’t always have to be expensive and there are  stores online with good deals. If you have to spend a little more, think of it as an investment, it should not be a one-time wear. Even if it comes off in a matter of seconds, it’s still something fun to make your partner feel good about themselves, if nothing else. On another note, Halloween isn’t the only time where you can dress up, so go out and grab a costume or work with what you have around the house. Either way, roleplay is sure to go one of two ways: a really hot night or a really good laugh. Bonus points if it’s a surprise.

Location, location, location

Tired of sneaking around your parents schedules or trying not to weird-out your roommates? Try renting a cheap hotel room, or even check out airbnb and grab a one-night stay somewhere nice where you can have the place to yourselves. If that’s not your style, there are hundreds of other options for the more adventurous people out there, or if you’re on a budget. Take the traditional route and hit up movie tehaters or a library. If you’re feeling outdoorsy you can even give the forest a shot. There’s also cars if you just cant wait to make it anywhere else. With all the various place you can sneak off to, just remember that subtlety is key and try not to rouse suspicion — things could get really awakwrd, really fast.

Like ‘Toys R Us’, but better

There are thousands of different toys out there for you to try. Like lingerie, they can be incredibly pricey — with some products reaching over $600 — but you can definitely find things that won’t break the bank for prices closer to $20. When looking at this price range, make sure you take into consideration the kind of material that your toy is made of. If you’re going cheap, try to stay away from weird, hard plastics and maybe try silicone. Apparently glass can be fun to. If you’re really uncomfortable about buying them in person and are just too nervous, there’s always online shopping. But for those of you brave enough to face the cashier, they’re  super friendly and full of suggestions and advice. It’s also an entertaining experience for you and your partner, or even your friends, to go in and browse — all the while giggling like a bunch of 12-year-olds in health class. Though surprises can be nice, it’s also a good idea to bring it up with your partner first before you try anything new, and make sure you’re both prepared and consenting.


Everyone likes food, so try it with sex. Go for the classic chocolate sauce and whipped cream, ice and popsicles, or come up with your own unique ideas based on what you like. Just make sure you try and keep it away from the downstairs, because this is supposed to be a fun time, and I don’t think infections are anyone’s idea of fun.

The Fifty Shades kinda stuff

Experimenting can be fun, just remember that consent is key for any good experience, so make sure you and your partner are on the same page. No, you don’t need to jump straight into the flogging and breath play (which can be extremely dangerous if not practiced properly); come up with the ever-important safe word — for both you and your partner’s safety — and take baby steps and decide if you actually like it first. Try out a blindfold or even some spanking and work your way up to the more intense stuff if you want to. That being said, have fun, be safe, and respect one another.

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