Why we choose fashion over function


Student fashion seems to have missed the memo when it comes to the fact that it’s still winter. Sure, it’s starting to warm up and be unseasonably nice out — thanks, global warming — but I don’t think that necessarily means spring is here and it’s time to frolic around in shorts. But to each there own, right?

Fashion is a big part of life. We all want to look good (or at least decent) and keep on track of what is trending, and make sure our appearance is up because who knows who you might be trying to impress at any given time. But with that being said, I think it’s best to keep in mind functionality.

No matter the season, not just in Winter when most of the time it’s smart to bundle up and not risk getting sick or even frostbite at some extremes, fashion sure has it’s way of beating out function. Your walk around campus obviously isn’t the same as going on a big mountain adventure so of course you may not need to go all-out in how you dress. However, I think it’s pretty much common knowledge that shorts probably aren’t the best idea if it’s below zero — even if we are supposed to be in the Great White North and impervious to the cold.

There’s always going to be “the smart choice” of what to wear and then the thing you really want to wear. Which one do you think will honestly win out? It’ll most likely be whatever you want, and in most cases, it’ll be the more fashionable choice. You probably had someone yell “don’t forget your coat!” at some point when you were younger, and that’s not really what I’m trying to do here, because I, myself, am horrible at forgetting my coat. Nine times out of 10 we regret it.

So why do we do it? Why do we stand at the bus stop and freeze because we didn’t want to take our jacket? I think part of it is because we want to prove that we’ll be fine without it and the other part is probably because we have on a new outfit and really don’t want to waste a second where the world couldn’t see it. It’s a bad habit. We generally try our best to always look good.

However, as fashion tycoon Vogue would like to have us believe, fashion is highly linked to our self confidence; the better we dress and the more we care about our clothes, the more confidence we are likely to have. In the recent article, the writer quotes and makes note of a study done in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology about clothing and the confidence people express when dressed professionally and put into different situations where clothing may become influential.

When you think about it, it makes sense. We dress to impress — ourselves and others — and when we impress, we’re confident. So maybe we’re pushing our need to be warm and cozy away as some kind of confidence boost. We need to take care of ourselves and there are much better ways to pick up our confidence. So shouldn’t you just be able to throw on a jacket and just sit tight until you get inside? Then you can take it off and show the world how cool you look.

You can always find fashionable things that keep you warm. Invest in a nice dress coat or a slimed-down parka because you don’t need to be dressed like the Michelin Man, winter has it’s very own aesthetic. After all, who doesn’t love beanies and boots? They keep you cozy, dry and
looking good.

Fashion isn’t always everything, but I know it’s really important to a lot of people, and everyone has their own individual style. That being said, it’s hard to always make things work with the way you dress. Sure, your ski jacket won’t look “nice” with a dress or dress pants, but you work with what you have. You shouldn’t have to skimp out on comfort just for a confidence boost.

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