What you need to know about the BUSU positions you vote for

Current BUSU Executives with City of Thorald officials / Jad Nasser

While America is still reeling from their movie-like election results, Brock University Students’ Union is gearing up for the upcoming elections. For the student body’s knowledge, here is a brief summary of what each position requires of the student that is voted in.

The President of BUSU is responsible for directing, leading and advancing the students’ union, all while consulting with the General Manager on legal, financial and management related issues. The President will also act as a liaison between BUSU and Senate, Board of Trustees, Administration and the Faculty Association.

The Vice President of External Affairs is responsible for furthering the interests of the Brock student community within municipal and provincial organizations. The Vice President ultimately acts as a liaison between the BUSU and external groups associated with post-secondary education.

The Vice President of Finance and Administration is essentially responsible for managing BUSU’s budget and funding. This person will also look for revenue generated activities that BUSU can take part in. The Vice President of Finance and administration ultimately acts like BUSU’s Chief Financial Officer.

The Vice President of Student Services is responsible for planning, organizing and coordinating student events. The priority here is giving back to the students and it is their responsibility to understand what the students at Brock want and they must do their best to deliver it to them.

In the past few years, BUSU has put forth some pretty great initiatives. In 2015, BUSU launched a free Student Legal Clinic. The clinic was designed to help provide students with legal help, such as providing next-steps and discussions of legal options on a variety of issues that may affect students.

Closer to date, BUSU has also launched a new Loyalty Points Program for student, staff and faculty. Essentially, every dollar that is spent, students will receive one point to their rewards and every ten points accumulated equals to a one-dollar discount. The rewards program is currently available at four BUSU-run locations on campus: Harvey’s at Union Station, the Skybar Lounge, Booster Juice and General Brock.

Although we are still in the dark as to who will be running for this upcoming election and what their platforms will represent, one major theme continues to run through the majority of candidate’s speeches from previous years – those running are ultimately here to listen to and represent us, the students. Mental health awareness is also a hot topic and was been mentioned several times within last years campaign.

The voter turn-out for the 2016/2017 BUSU election has record-breaking with 5,101 votes, which works out to about 28.6 per cent of the student population. This is significant because of the low voter turn outs in past years.


Campaigning for the BUSU elections starts on February 6 and ends February 16. Voting days are February 14, 15 and 16 through your Brock email.


-Loredana Del Bello, Assistant Campus News Editor

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