Open letter: Prime Minister Trudeau, don’t let me down

French President Francois Hollande Receives Justin Trudeau,  Canadian Prime Minister At Elysee Palace

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

I need your help.

I’m sure you’ve noticed what is going on in the United States right now. You might have noticed that a lot of the commentary is similar to the comments on your various social media posts and on articles written about you. It’s not great, Mr. Trudeau. In fact, it’s terrifying.

Populist right wing movements are happening all over the world. People are fed up with the economy and they want to “get back” to what they see as a more prosperous time. I can understand that. I too have high bills and not enough money. I am worried about finding a good job, being able to buy a house, and one day being able to care for children. However, what concerns me are the other values associated with these populist movements. Closing borders to immigration and restricting visa-holders from entering the country, reducing funding to social welfare systems, and restricting the rights of women, and low income earners.

When people look at the federal government right now, they see a person who has not fulfilled campaign promises, goes on expensive vacations, and is out of touch with what’s happening in the country.

Mr. Trudeau, the democrats in the US were out of touch. Look what happened. Look at what is happening right now, so close to us. Sunday’s terrorist attack at a mosque in Quebec that left six people dead proves that this hate is here in Canada, even though most of us like to pretend that it’s not.

So I’m asking for your help. Take a look at what you’ve accomplished and what you could accomplish. Use your time in office to do something meaningful with tangible results so that when the next election comes around we don’t have to be afraid of who might take your job. Muslims, women, indigenous people, people of colour, immigrants, members of the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, and people with low incomes live in fear of what could come next if you don’t do something now.

Getting elected was not your job. That was the interview. Do your job, Mr. Trudeau. Keep Canada what it should be: a safe place for those who are afraid elsewhere, a place of freedom and thought and inclusivity. I know being Prime Minister is hard and getting things done is a difficult process but please, for the sake of our beautiful country and the future, get things done anyway.

I’m scared, Mr. Trudeau. Please don’t let me down.

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