Highlighting student jobs on campus

Brock is unique in the sense that students are at the forefront of every aspect that the university has to offer. When somebody walks around campus, they’re most likely seeing more student part-time workers than full-time staff members. There are students working at assistance desks, in the gyms, in residences, in classrooms, in the library and essentially anywhere on campus. While students are obviously the face of Brock University, they are also workers that keep the university functioning and thriving in day to day jobs. That’s why it’s important to give recognition to students in the Brock community that balance their time both as students, and as on campus workers. And while there are Brock students who have jobs outside of campus, this article will focus specifically on those who have chosen to partake in giving more time to Brock’s campus outside of class.

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Tom Hoshizaki
Kinesiology Teaching Assistant

Why do you choose to work on campus?
“I chose to work on campus because, Brock is one of the foremost employers in the region, being able to work at a higher education facility has given me the opportunity to prepare myself for an academic world beyond the confines of Niagara. It also allows me to work in an environment that requires interactions with a variety of people ranging from first-year students to professors, and being able to adjust accordingly to such.”

What has the experience taught you/shown you about Brock?
“As a graduate student, I am now converting into being a part of the education experience for undergraduate students at Brock, and being able to TA alongside it also rounds out my own learning while assisting with the delivery of a class. Specifically in the classes I TA (KINE 4P10), I find myself finding out new ways to understand concepts that are the foundation to my own academic progression. This work experience has shown me that at Brock University, commitment to academic growth is a multi-faceted approach beyond grades and dissertations.”



Jacqueline Glover
Personal Trainer at The Zone

Why do you choose to work on campus?
“I love working on campus because not only does it work well with my school schedule, but my supervisors are always understanding and considerate about my well-being. If myself or my coworkers ever need more time to get work done, or anything, it is very easy to get a shift covered. It is very convenient being at school and working at the same time! I always wanted to work at Brock, especially as a personal trainer, so I inquired about applying and then prepared myself for the job. It was totally worth it.”

What has the experience taught you/shown you about Brock?
“I have learnt a lot about being a trainer. The job is very hands on and has encouraged me to pursue new certifications to learn more things such as how to better my skills. I have also learnt a lot about time management. I make sure I am eating well and getting enough sleep on top of doing my best at work and spending time getting assignments done. I can’t even put into words how much I love being a Trainer at the Zone, the staff is incredible and so intellectual, friendly and fun. The environment is always very stimulating! Overall, I have not only loved my time being a student at Brock, but also an employee.”


Tyler Harris
Lead Career Assistant at Career Services

Why do you choose to work on campus?
“I choose to work on Campus because of what the Brock Community has done for me. Since my first day on Campus, the Brock Community has been welcoming and encouraging for me to grow personally. I want to do that for students. So is my objective to do that for students each and every day I put on the Career Services Shirt.”

What has the experience taught you/shown you about Brock?
“Working on Campus has taught me to have a sense of pride about our school. I did before I had my job, but it was heightened because of it. I have a sense of pride because Brock is leading the way in many areas compared to other schools. Such as in the way that Career Services at Brock was the first school to offer a Co-Curricular transcript to help show employers what students do beyond the classroom, and this tool is free to all students!”




Courtney Kelly
Welcome Desk Attendant

Why do you choose to work on campus?
“I chose to work on campus because I wanted to find a job that was going to help me get more involved in Brock’s community. I also wanted to work on campus as it is very convenient to be at Brock and be able to work in between classes. Working at the Welcome Desk also means that school always comes first. My employers are very understanding when it comes to the importance of classes, due dates and the stresses that come with being a university student.”

What has the experience taught you/shown you about Brock?
“Working at the welcome desk has allowed me to become so much more familiar with Brock, I have learned so many things about our school and the amazing programs that we offer. I have gotten to know so many more people and have become great friends with my co-workers. Working on campus has also given me a greater appreciation for Brock’s diversity as I am always interacting with new people, dealing with new things every shift. Being able to help people with their questions even if it is as something as simple as how to get to the pool is very rewarding. Brock is an amazing university and an even better place to work, I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a job to apply on campus.”


Daniel Cutajar
Producer at BrockTV

Why do you choose to work on campus?
“I chose to work on campus because BrockTV has provided me with an opportunity that I would not be able to achieve anywhere else. Working on campus allows me to do both school work and BrockTV work while remaining on campus. Having an on campus job is great because the hours work around my school schedule so I never feel pressured to miss class. Working on campus is awesome because I get to do what I love everyday! Since I’m a Film Studies student, I get to apply that knowledge in the real world with my work on campus as a producer for BrockTV.”

What has the experience taught you/shown you about Brock?
“Working on campus has shown me just how great of a school Brock is. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with a lot of amazing people all because of this job. BrockTV has provided me with a multitude of networking opportunities and given me the chance to see all of the different aspects campus. I’ve had a blast working for BrockTV for the last three years and can’t wait to see what the future brings. I’ve learned so many applicable skills that I use in my day to day life. If there’s one piece of advice I could give to anybody, it’s not to be afraid to try new things and strive to do what you love doing.”


Will Durward
Communications Assistant at The International Centre

Why do you choose to work on campus?
“There are a few main reasons why I choose to work on campus, specifically at the International Centre. One reason is that it’s convenient and easily accessible. Another is that I enjoy being part of the Brock community more. I am interested in what my work focuses on and it connects me with the rest of the world too, which is nice. I do think it’s great to more involved in the community.”

What has the experience taught you/shown you about Brock?
“Working at Brock, I have experienced the kindness from the faculty and staff on campus and it is interesting to see this community from a different perspective than just a student. I have observed how caring Brock is and how it treats its faculty and staff well. I have met many amazing people and I think I have a greater appreciation of Brock than before.”


Istafa Sufi
General Brock & Speaker for BUSAC

Why do you choose to work on campus?
“Working on campus is convenient because you don’t have to own a car. It is much more convenient to take a bus to campus than some other places in the Niagara region. Working for BUSU in particular has been a wonderful experience over the years which is why I continue to work for them. Working for BUSU has not only been a blast, but its also helped me grow tremendously both personally and professionally.”

What has the experience taught you/shown you about Brock?
“Working at General Brock and as the Speaker of the Brock University Students’ Administrative Council has shown me that there is just about every kind of student imaginable at Brock. Working for these positions has allowed me to interact with people of various backgrounds and thus has taught me to work with people of various faiths, cultures, backgrounds and ideas. The experience has also shown me that Brock is a great place to work at while studying, as you can continue to build your resume and grow professionally while working towards your degree(s).”


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