BUSU rolls out new Loyalty Points Program for students, staff and faculty

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Last Tuesday, Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU) released their prototype for a rewards system on campus.

“It’s called the Loyalty Points Program,” explained Faisal Hejazi, BUSU’s Vice-President of Finance and Administration (VPFA). “For every dollar spent, students will receive one point to their rewards, and every ten points accumulated equals to a one dollar discount.”

Currently, the rewards system is only available at four BUSU-run locations on campus: Harvey’s at Union Station, the Skybar Lounge, Booster Juice and General Brock.

The simplicity of the system is significant because the Loyalty Points Program has been automatically set up on every student, staff, and faculty member’s Brock cards.

“Originally when I incorporated this idea into my platform,” said Hejazi, “I thought we were going to have to include separate cards for the program. So when I discovered that we could include it onto the Brock cards, I was delighted because it makes it so much easier for the Brock community to receive the rewards.”

The new program offers students, staff and faculty points in return for their purchases at the four locations. An important thing to note is that the points cannot be collected from the purchases of alcohol at the Skybar Lounge.

“We don’t want to encourage the use of alcohol here on campus,” noted Hejazi.

The way that the Loyalty Points Program works is by adding up the reward points right on the student card. Although ten points equals one dollar off, Hejazi says that members of the Brock community will need to gather a minimum of 50 points in order to be able to use the discounts.

“There is also a maximum redemption of 200 points, which equals twenty dollars” said Hejazi. “This is because we don’t want people to forget to use their points, which means that once a card has reached 200 points, it will be mandatory for the collector to use
the points.”

While registration isn’t required for this rewards program because enrollment occurs automatically, members of the Brock community are encouraged to sign up online in order to receive email promotions.

“Every now and then we’re going to offer promotions such as double point nights,”explained Hejazi. “Which will occur on less busy nights at Isaacs in order to attract student participation on otherwise quiet nights.”

Another important feature of the Loyalty Points Program is that the points will not be carrying over to the next school year.

“Points can only be collected and used throughout September to April of the school year,”
explained Hejazi.

Ultimately, the main goal of the new system is to encourage students to shop at these locations more often, “and to promote food services that are separate from Market,” said Hejazi.

Lastly, it is important to mention that prices for items at the four locations will not be increased due to the new rewards system.

“We are simply trying to give back to the Brock community for everything that they do,”
said Hejazi.

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