Brock wins business competition in Ottawa

Brock’s students from the Goodman School of Business travellled to Ottawa to participate in the largest undergraduate business school competition, the JDC Central (JDCC).

The JDCC is an annual winter event that takes place over three days and welcomes over 700 student representatives from across Canada.

This year, the competition was run from January 6-8 and included a variety of competitions for students to partake in such as academic case profiles, parliamentary style debates, and even sports competitions.

Judges at the JDCC critiqued all of the schools participating and choose a winning school.

Out of various events, Brock placed within the top three a number of times, including second place in the Entrepreneurship category, first place in the Finance Case Competition, second place in the International Business category, first place in the Marketing Case Competition, second place in overall Debate, second place in Basketball for the Sports Category, and third place in overall Participation.

Due to all of these high scores, Brock University’s Goodman School of Business was awarded first place for the 2017 Winter Edition of the JDCC.

Moreover, the JDCC also created a new award category for ‘School of the Year’, which can be different from the winning school but was nonetheless also awarded to Brock.

Being the winning school was a dream come true,” said Zachary Ferry, an upper-year Goodman School of Business student that was in Ottawa for the JDCC, “Laurier had won the competition for seven years [in a row] so when we heard the announcer say Goodman’s name we went bananas.”

“We couldn’t have done it without the outstanding leadership from our captain Dan Giddings,” explained Ferry. “He put his heart and soul into this team and it sure paid off.”

Ferry shared that the experience was a rewarding experience that he would remember for a long time.

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