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Looking for a new President isn’t the only way Brock has been trying to improve the school. In fact, with all the different things coming out of Brock, some may say this has been a successful year.

It was only days leading up to the first day of school in September that Wendy Cukier and Brock mutually parted ways, leaving many questions up in the air about who the next school president would be and the quality of leadership at the top.

However, take a step back and realize that Brock’s experienced some success across the board. Brock’s downtown campus, Marilyn I. Walker Fine and Performing Arts, had a successful first year and continues to ride a positive wave into year two. Brock’s Athletic Department changed its name from Athletics and Recreation to Brock Sports — combined with the success and growth of multiple team programs. Just last week, Brock’s Goodman School of Business was awarded first place for the 2017 Winter Edition of the JDCC.

Brock also put out a press release last week stating that there’s an increase of interest amongst post-secondary applicants looking to attend the university this upcoming Fall. The press release mentioned that according to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC), admission to Brock is up by more than two per cent from a year prior.

The university’s own data also says there’s an increase in the following areas: number of applicants who made Brock their first choice, applications to Brock from Niagara secondary schools, applications from international students and the number of international applicants who made Brock as their first choice this year.

Brock’s success doesn’t just stop at the educational and athletic level. We are showing our ability to be a party school as well; so along with the ability to appeal to high school students on an education standpoint, we are also increasing the level of fun that comes with the post-secondary experience. listed Brock as the 12th best party school in Canada — which ranks the Niagara school eighth amongst Ontario universities’. According to Macleans, Brock students are averaging 3.85 hours of partying per week. Of course that doesn’t compare to the 8.01 hours per week that St. Francis Xavier is averaging — which ranks first in Canada — but Brock’s near four hour average is a respectable number for a university student.

This coming Friday, Brock students and the community will also get a chance to show off their school spirit. For the second straight year Brock Basketball will be playing at the Meridian Centre, St. Catharines downtown arena. Last year the school hosted two games at the arena that plays home to the OHL’s Niagara Ice Dogs, the NBL of Canada’s Niagara River Lions and other events.

Last year Brock Basketball held record attendance of 2,887 for the first Meridian Centre game and 2,673 for the second game. Back in September, Brock men’s hockey also got their chance to play at the Meridian Centre, as they played in front of 3,532 people.

So, the spirit among Brock’s community is growing into one of the best across Canada, and there are many more other successes the university has experienced that have been left out of this article.

Maybe Brock’s “Experience” campaign that took over Toronto’s SkyWalk area of Union Station and other areas of Toronto is catching the eye of future first-year students. Maybe it’s the success some of Brock’s programs and departments have been gaining these past few months. Maybe it’s the school spirit that future students are interested in.

Whatever it is, it’s working. Brock as a school and community is rolling smoothly with the President search underway. The university is growing on future students. Current students are enjoying their experience. The growth of this school over the last year is really showing.

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