Brock students empower deaf community with the launch of the Brock ASL Club

Brock ASL Club Executives / Rounaq Chabra

Teagan Foord and her welcoming friends are passionate and energetic about showcasing the beauty of American Sign Language (ASL). In a society that was not designed with the considerations of the deaf in mind, the Brock ASL club has been created and formulated to combat this structural injustice.

“We’re all here to get an education and learn,” said Foord, the club’s founder and president. “Brock’s ASL club is a way for us to learn something that’s completely different that we may never get to learn again.”

The Brock ASL club is excited to offer students the opportunity to learn a new language and get involved within the Deaf community in the Niagara Region. Foord and her team are encouraging Brock staff, students and faculty to tune into the discussion and become a part of a beautiful and often overlooked culture.

Foord voiced the significance in educating and raising awareness of the injustices that deaf people experience. When Foord and her friends learned that some deaf children grow up without having a language and are raised in social isolation, they began working together to start the Brock ASL club.

Not only is this an opportunity to learn the rich and beautiful language of sign, but also an opportunity to be a part of a club that seeks to empower those who may be struggling to have their voices heard.

The Brock ASL club is currently working with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) to start planning a fundraiser to support the Nyle DiMarco Foundation, a deaf man known for his performances on America’s Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars, and the Bob Rumball Foundation, a well-known advocate for the deaf.

All students are welcome to come out and become a part of a movement that confronts social isolation and promotes a better quality of life by providing students with the ability to connect and express themselves through another mode of communication.

Foord passionately expressed, “I really want to provide the opportunities to use what we are learning in the club in real life.” The Brock ASL club seeks to promote awareness of the Deaf Community and reduce barriers of communication by offering  individuals experience and training with a new language.

On February 10, the community can come out to Welch Hall Room 203 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. to see the many opportunities that the Brock ASL club has to offer!


For more information about the Brock ASL club, email or follow them online: Twitter – @ASLBROCK / Facebook – Brock American Sign Language Club


-Bryan Pham, Contributor 

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