Beautiful places to study: Bring on Spring

Getting away from it all at Brock is a lot easier than it may seem. My favourite place to go when I need some quiet time outdoors is the Pond Inlet. In the summer, I love hearing the sounds of the waterfall. The flowers and plants are beautiful; I especially love the lilacs! It’s also fun to watch all of  the fish swimming amongst the lily pads. There are many hidden spaces within the Pond Inlet to explore. It’s calming sitting on top of the rocks while hearing the waterfall in the background below. Actually, Pond Inlet is my main reason for taking summer courses, providing me with just one more excuse to creep across campus for a wee visit! Recently I have ventured along Brock’s many walking trails. Surrounded by trees, although now mostly barren, it seems restful and therapeutic. While walking the trail,  it is fun seeing the adorable little woodland creatures dart in and out their various burrows. They always seem funny especially when their cheeks are packed full of acorns. Sometimes the birds just bounce out of their nests either eyeing you as an intruder or chattering away at you.

Many students may be unaware of the various natural features on our campus that are perfect to hide away from all the noise and traffic. Actually Brock has two waterfalls, one of which is located right beside the Fire Pit. The Fire Pit is particularly beautiful in the evening when the sun is setting and the stars greet the nighttime sky. Despite all of these natural attractions, there are still a few unusual places to sit down and study in relative peace, apart from the background radio. One special spot can be the spectator stands at the pool. It’s warm, you can hear the water slapping away gently against the sides of the pool and it’s actually very quiet and restful. You can easily imagine being in a hotel at a beachfront resort; actually I think the swimming pool at Brock needs at least one good palm tree to complete the effect. In time the wonders of Brock are left for each student to explore and determine their own little niches. As the months change and spring arrives studying outdoors can be a welcome alternative to being cooped up in libraries or your bedroom. Seeing all the vibrant colours surrounding you and listening to nature’s sounds ultimately brings us mentally to a place of warmth and safety. This in turn encourages retention of knowledge and produces a calming effect.

Other interesting and unusual places to study include Brocks many on campus statues and monuments, especially those situated on lawns. You can spread out, lay back on the lawn and read with the sun shining on you. It’s funny sometimes watching students make use of these monuments and statues while studying. I have seen someone with their head sticking out of the cannon playing hide and seek in the past, their friends were very puzzled wandering through the area looking for him! Art must be useful to life to make it a living part of us. In the meantime I hope that you find many entertaining and useful spots on campus to fill your happy Badger memories.


-Jennifer Nixon, Contributor

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