Balance in the final stretch of the year

The month of January has come to a close, which means only nine weeks remain in the second semester of the 2016/17 school year — or as we say in The Brock Press office, we only have eight publications left for the year. That’s crazy to think, as it feels like just yesterday we  returned from the Holiday break.

I don’t know how many people are like me, but as I write this my large calendar hangs behind me. I remember putting my January month together, and every day was left blank with no due dates. Now as I look to my course outlines, I begin to see these deadlines creeping up on me.

Midterm season has returned, assignment deadlines are approaching and tomorrow —or at least it seems like tomorrow— it will be reading week.

Just last week we had an article about the Grad Send-off. Yes, you seniors are only weeks away from finishing your undergrad. And some first-years might be laughing at that, but for the freshmen that  means year one is over and before you know it year two will be as well.

It’s scary to think how fast the school year goes by.

It’s around this time we have to also start considering the spring and summer. Do you take spring and/or summer courses? If yes, what are your options? If no, what are your summer plans? Are you working for the four months away from school? Do you find an internship somewhere? Do you just spend the four months travelling?

These are all questions we must answer in the coming weeks, along with meeting our midterm and assignment deadlines.

February is the month students are tested the most with their all around skills. Are you organized? Are you a patient person? Can you balance school, work and your social life? And my favourite question to ask myself, am I even human?

A lot of that has to do with the amount of late nights and lack of sleep that comes with school. Sometimes I think I just pull off the impossible when I have a busy week with work and school, where my sleep is at minimum.

However, coming off a week where mental illness was taken seriously, we need to make sure in this busy time of the year we continue to find time to balance work and sleep. All jokes aside, our mental, physical and emotional health are more important.

It’s the final stretch of the school year. Some of you will be moving onto the next stage of your life, while others will be continuing the journey of university. Whatever your situation may be, it’s about finishing strong.

You’ll have moments where you realize you’ve fallen behind, but those are times to take a step back and regroup. Understand that most of us have been here before. We either struggled at this point in the semester or strived – whatever the case may be, it’s a live and learn moment in life. The weeks are quickly closing, exams will be here soon and we will all find a way to come out on top.


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