Badger Babble: What is your New Year’s resolution?



Sara D’Onofrio
First Year Student

“My New Year’s Resolutions are to continue to be a healthy person and to do something interesting everyday”




Heather Spooner
First Year Student

“My new year’s resolution this year is to appreciate the people in my life more. Since leaving home to go to school, I realized how much I took having my family and close friends near me for granted. Yes, I’ve met new people here and have formed great relationships with them, but it’s easy for me to stay in contact with them because I see them every day and it really requires no effort. The first four months of school were definitely eye opening and difficult. I have learned so much. The people I have met here are a huge part of why it’s been great so far but sometimes I feel like I’m too busy for people from home, even though I know that a mere five minutes of conversation will make myself and them feel better. It can be easy to neglect those back home who aren’t in my life every day, which is why I want to make more of an effort to give my family a call more often and check in on my friends more. My other resolution is to learn how to play the guitar, I used to play the piano but unfortunately I gave it up and it never bothered me that I did until now. I really want to have something to do in my free time other than turning to Netflix or my phone.”

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