Back to the daily grind: Starting term two


Going back to school after Christmas break is hard; you were all amped up about being home and spending time with family and friends you haven’t seen in a while. Plus there’s the fact that you’ll probably be leaving your seemingly endless supply of wonderful dinners that your parents made for you. But it’s a new semester with new courses, meaning you’ll need to get used to this terms schedule when you just got comfortable with last term’s. However, it’s time to embrace the change that every new year brings.

Like September, January is bound to bring some confusion when it comes to getting back into the swing of things. The key is to make sure you’re prepared for all that the new term has to throw at you. So like every other year, it’s time to break out the agenda, mark up those calendars and get to know your syllabus’ again.

Like the end of the fall semester, winter term will be filled with dark, cold days that will make you want to stay home in your warm and cozy beds. But you can’t let that pull you in. Instead, you have to find the willpower to make the trek around campus and into class for an hour or three. But don’t worry, spring is — hopefully — just around the corner and soon you’ll get to cherish those sunny days.

However, don’t forget that school is your key to your future. You wouldn’t be here without it and it’s probably how you came to read this article. You picked this path for a reason, so it’s always a good idea to try your best to stay on track.

When you come back from a break, it can be hard getting your mind back in gear. You’re comfortable doing nothing and not having to worry about deadlines and readings. But not being in class has allowed me to realize something that I never thought I would. I actually miss school. I miss going on FaceTime with my best friend and working in complete silence on our own assignments, editing friends’ essays, spending time on campus and seeing how much opportunity Brock has to offer.

After a pretty brutal first semester, I’m ready to jump back into class and take the proverbial bull by the horns and rock my way through this next leg of my university career.

On that note, seeing that the holidays are over, a lot of people find themselves down in the dumps and unmotivated to return to school and work. In many cases, we can sometimes put the blame on post-holiday depression. As ridiculous as it may sound to some, it’s a real thing and  it can affect a lot of people in the winter time, when the season is known for being filled by holiday activities. Alas, once all that is finished, we can sometimes feel empty, upset and defeated. This is when it’s good to look to those around you for help and the push you may need to get through whatever struggles you’re facing and know that there are a lot of people in the same situation.

There are hundreds of ways you can cope with the winter blues and getting back into the routine of school and it’s honestly about finding what’s right for you. You can read hundreds of articles that give you tips on what you can do to help you push through the next few months but until you actually try them and figure out what works best for you, it might be tough. The most important thing you can do is take it one day at a time and work at things bit by bit until you know what works best. Until then, keep your heads held high, Badgers, and get ready to make the best of the semester.

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