Artist Profile: Le Trouble set to realease new album, Making Matters Worse

Le Trouble is set to release their LP Making Matters Worse this coming February / Indica Records


Le Trouble’s new LP Making Matters Worse comes out on February 3. The band hails from Montreal and their new album radiates an Indie-rock inspired pop sound, crafted by five Canadian musicians who “write for themselves”, according to Indica Records.

“Michael, Maxime, Jesse, Garrett and Bao-Khanh are friends first,” their label boasts online. “So, following a fleeting brush with the American pop machine that would’ve destroyed most bands, the motivation to keep playing and keep making memories only grew.”

The group has been putting out music since 2012, but Making Matters Worse shows a clear maturation from their first full length album, Reality Strikes, whose lyricism and guitar riffs sounded like every other pop, Indie-rock band on the top 20 charts. Making Matters Worse finds a more unique sound for the band, one they described themselves as sounding like “all five bandmates and their individual styles playing off each other and ultimately shining through.”

In an interview with online publication A Music Blog, Yea?, the band discussed their beginnings. The group initially met while working at commercial recording studio. After work hours, they all got together to play music “they actually enjoyed”, and soon decided to start producing their own sound.

After their first album release, the band quickly signed to a major US label and was put on the list to play The Osheaga Music and Arts Festival, a massive Indie music festival based in their hometown, Montreal. Although they continued to play shows, the group found obstacles over the next year and released nothing for another five, which brings us to the upcoming release this February. Now recording with “like-minded” Indica Records, as the band notes in a press release for their new work, Making Matters Worse explores some of the rocky waters the band has faced together in both the music industry and their personal lives.

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