Are student elections even important? You bet your ballot they are!

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CALLING ALL BADGERS! CALLING ALL BADGERS! It is that time of year again, time to vote in the upcoming Brock University Student Union elections. This time is more than just witty candidate signs with popular culture references, it is a time for students to vote for someone who will represent their voices for the 2017/2018 school year — if that isn’t enough incentive for you to cast your vote, I don’t know what is.

Voting in the upcoming BUSU elections is a great way to have your say in important decision making within the university and it makes you become aware of how Brock, as an institution, is run. And we get it, for many badgers, even hearing the words ‘vote’ or ‘politics’ can cause an onset mild allergic reaction and voting in the upcoming university elections is the last thing on your mind, however there is a good chance that as you continue to read this article, that might change!

You’re in university. You’re expanding your mind, your spirit and essentially, your life. You’re challenging yourself in new and exciting ways and learning new concepts every single day. But when the time comes, are you really going to pass up the chance to empower yourself by voting?

As a student attending Brock, voting in the BUSU elections is easy as pie and all it requires is your Brock student ID number. If you are currently enrolled in classes and have a student ID number, you qualify to vote.

The BUSU elections are arguably just as important as federal, provincial and municipal elections, and help to better your understanding of the political system. Studies have shown that if you are involved in your school elections, you are more likely to become involved in government elections as well.

While most Badgers would say that voting in a student election hardly makes a difference, this isn’t true.

Issues that range from the installation of microwaves on campus or introducing a new mental health awareness campaign, would be much harder said than done without BUSU. There would be no student representatives to fight with a megaphone in your corner; these reps are the ones who improve students’ everyday lives here at Brock.

Ultimately, the main reason for student elections, like all elections really, is so that you can have a say in matters that affect your daily life.

Brock’s duty is to answer to the needs of its students and the only way this can be done is by exercising your right to vote.

The people who you vote for represent you and the rest of the student population, they’re students just like everyone else and keeping this idea in mind, will make approaching them with a suggestion far less intimidating than meeting up with a politician.

So Badgers, I encourage all of you to take part in the upcoming BUSU elections and take this extraordinary opportunity to experience a fully-rounded university life.


The BUSU election campaign period runs from February 6 to February 16. You can vote starting February 14 until the 16th. And the exciting results are announced on February 16th in Isaac’s Bar.


-Loredana Del Bello, Assistant Campus News Editor 

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