How to get on the naughty or nice list in 10 days

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there’s no hiding from the Naughty or Nice List. We know it, you know it, everybody knows it. You’re either naughty or nice. So, which are you?  More importantly, which do you aspire to be this holiday season? Maybe you live a life full of giving to others and being kind in hopes that you’ll be on the nice list, or maybe you’re a rebellious person that doesn’t care for other people’s feelings, or hey… maybe you want to be a bit of both. Nonetheless, this list is going to help you reach your goals. Here’s how to become naughty or nice in 10 days.


1. Hold the door open for somebody (even if they’re a football field away)
2. Pay for the next person’s coffee at the Tim Horton’s drive-thru
3. Call your grandma and tell her you love her
4. Volunteer for the local homeless shelter
5 Adopt an animal from the humane society
6. Smile genuinely at every single person you pass on the street
7. Compliment that co-worker you’re not so fond of
8. Tell your significant other, or your best friend, all of the reasons they’re important to you
9. Donate your old clothes that you don’t use anymore
10. Bake a cake for your family Christmas dinner and draw little people to represent each member of your family on it, they’ll feel so special


1. Eat that leftover food in the fridge that isn’t yours and then pretend it wasn’t you
2. Swear profusely in front of your young cousin (or sibling, or niece, whichever will do)
3. Plan to re-gift the presents that you didn’t like last year (like that ugly, itchy sweater)
4. ‘Borrow’ a copy of The Dark Tower by Stephen King from your roommate and conveniently forget to return it until after the new movie premieres.
5. Get drunk downtown and do things that you’ll regret
6. Tell your significant other that they’re the source of your failures
7. Tell that co-worker you’re not so fond of that nobody likes them
8. Make dirty Christmas jokes to people on Tinder
9. Shut the lights off in a public bathroom while there are people inside
10. Skip out on your family Christmas dinner, you have better things to do

There you have it, folks. How to get on the Naughty or Nice List in 10 days. Which one did you choose? The Brock Press hopes you chose the nice list but hey, whatever floats your boat. Some say that the holiday season is all about spreading joy but that requires being nice most of the time. If you want to be naughty, then hey, you do you.

Happy Holidays Badgers.

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