Study hours extended in James S. Gibson library during exam season

Students utilize the study space available in the library /


Library hours are currently extended for students studying for the exam season. Due to an overwhelming need by students to have more flexible hours from Brock’s library, the library will be open until 2:30 a.m. from Sunday to Thursday—note that Friday and Saturday’s closing times will remain at 9:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., respectively.

The campaign for extended library hours was spearheaded passionately by Faisal Hejazi, the Vice-President of Finance and Administration at BUSU. When beginning to push for study hours to be extended for students on campus, Hejazi put research and personal experience into consideration when working with senior administration and the James A. Gibson library staff at Brock.

“We have an issue for study space in general on campus,” said Hejazi, “quite a few executives from last year [at BUSU] were really pushing for an expansion of spaces for students throughout the year but were unable to accomplish it. I figured we should try looking outside the box and using what resources and space we have, and extend the hours that are available.”

Hejazi looked into study space availabilities at other universities in the province to try and get an idea of what students really need in order to successfully study prior to taking exams. “Some [universities] even offer 24 hour study spaces open on campuses,” said Hejazi. “Rather than offering 24 hour study spaces, I figured we should be promoting somewhat healthier paced study schedules and encouraging students not to pull all-nighters.” So, Hejazi worked with library staff to come up with a schedule of extended hours for five days of the week, making the library a great resource for students looking to put in some extra study time while still being able to get some sleep in. BUSU has been working especially hard to promote wellness in student activity and mental health awareness, especially with wellness week campaigns and events coming up on campus. The goal of the extended study hours were to provide a quiet and productive atmosphere for students to come work, without encouraging unhealthy study habits that can affect their physical and mental health.

The change came in October 16, but this is an official reminder to all the students working hard at their final projects and papers that the library is indeed still open to these extended times. Senior administration, Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU), Campus Security, Facilities Management and the Brock Library itself all worked together to make the library open longer for those who need it.

“I’m happy with the numbers we’ve been seeing trending in the library since these hours were put in place,” said Hejazi, whose goal throughout the period of extended hours is to take a look at how Brock students are using them and tailoring them for future based on the campus’ specific needs. “We’ve been taking feedback from students using the extended hours and from students who were previously forced to study in the Fishbowl.”

That being said, it’s important to note that although the main floor of the library will be open during these hours, typical library services will only be available during regular hours. The main floor offers individual study space, computers, group study rooms, photocopiers and printers. The library also notes on their information on the extended hours that students should be aware of the transit schedules – although the library will be open late, the buses will run regularly, the last bus leaving at 11:30 p.m.

In order to increase the safety of Brock students, Campus Security has offered their assistance, as well. If students want accompaniment walking to their residence or car, they can contact Campus Security. During exam period, BUSU will also be offering the ‘Drive Home’ shuttle service, with which you can reserve a ride home in a shuttle that runs after regular bus hours finish. ‘Drive Home’ can be used from December 9 until Dec. 20 and can be booked on BUSU’s website.


The extended hours will continue until December 19, adding 17.5 additional hours of study space for you to use.

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