Reasons university students can and should go Trick-or-Treating


Halloween has come and gone and holiday music has begun to play all around us. However, this Halloween I decided to break the stereotype that Trick-or-Treating is only for children. I miss being able to dress up and get free candy, so as a third-year university student I put on my running shoes and went door to door to get my fair share of free junk food. After my experience I decided to write why it’s okay for post-secondary students to go Trick-or-Treating, even in their late-teens or early-twenties. ***Disclaimer: I didn’t actually go Trick-or-Treating***

  1. Free candy and treats

This is the obvious. It’s free candy and chocolate and who doesn’t like free stuff? Sure, I could wait until the day after Halloween when grocery stores put unsold boxes of candy on sale, but even that is way out of my university budget. While the rest of you scratch and search for loose change to buy groceries, I’ll be peacefully eating my free candy for lunch and dinner for the rest of this semester.

  1. Exercise

They, as in science and doctors, say university students need to stay active. We shouldn’t just put our faces in our books, because that’s unhealthy. Well Halloween got me out and walking, which is being active. It’s also not very easy lifting my arm to ring so many door bells. I felt like I lost 20 pounds of fat and added 10 pounds of muscle in one night. What happens after eating all this candy? We’ll find out!

  1. Dressing up

If I was able to wake up every day in a world where wearing a onesie to school was socially acceptable I would do it. But for some reason I get weird looks when I do so. So, I’m trapped wearing sweat pants and hoodies, looking like I can’t take care of myself. Well for this one night I can show off my love for onesies. I even got a big chocolate bar for my Pikachu onesie.

  1. Midterms and Assignments

Trick-or-Treating is another reason to not study for my midterms or assignments – if you needed another reason to avoid school work. Instead of sitting at home watching Netflix, and feeling bad that I’m leaving everything until last minute, I was able to forget everything and enjoy being a child again. I can’t wait until my professor looks at me when I tell him my 2,000 word research essay isn’t done because I was searching for the house that leaves their candy outside in a basket with a sign saying ‘please take one’.

  1. I didn’t get into the bar but I got a chocolate bar

It’s not every day downtown bars are ‘lit’ on a Monday. With Halloween falling on a Monday some bars opened their doors for one more night of dressing up and partying. However, when I got downtown the line was so long that I had no chance of getting in. So my only alternative was to go Trick-or-Treating, and oh boy, am I glad I didn’t get into that bar. I have all the candy and chocolate to survive a semester, while you have a hangover that will keep you in bed for an entire day.


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