Non-humans of BrockU — The Brock Press Edition

In the vein of Humans of New York, an Instagram account entitled Humans of BrockU (@humansofbrocku) was created to highlight individual members of the Brock community. Unfortunately, that ignores a very large demographic of Brock – the non-humans. So turn your eyes to the landscape and enjoy the Non-humans of BrockU.



“I wish people would appreciate me more. Without me, production days would be nothing. I am the backbone of this operation. Could you imagine if I broke down?”



Mini Fridge: “I wonder when people will stop leaving old pizza in here?”

Water Cooler: “At least you get used, unlike someone.”

Broken Tassimo: “I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.”


“You guys, I really think I bring the room together, you know? If I weren’t here, sure, there would be so much room for activities, but like, I’m a safe space, aren’t I?”

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