Nexo raises money on Kickstarter for unpoppable bike tire

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Nexo Tires are nearly finished their Kickstarter campaign where they were hoping to raise just over $25,000. With over 500 backers, the company has raised more than $60,000 to fund the production of their new product: an unpoppable bike tire.

If you’ve ever tried to commute on a bike in a city, you might have noticed the large amount of debris scattered in what is sometimes a bike lane and sometimes just the side of the road. While these stones, nails, pieces of plastic, etc., might not be a problem for a car tire, bike tires are made of much thinner rubber. A tire without air reduces your speed and makes it much harder to pedal, turning what should have been a leisurely ride into a sweaty, angry ordeal that might ruin your day.

Nexo has found the solution in their two new tires, the standard Nexo and EverTires.

Nexo got a little cheeky about their product on their Kickstarter page., saying “while trying not to overstate the awesomeness of our discoveries, we think we’re offering two solutions that rival the innovation of toilet paper (well… pretty close).”

The tires are not made of the same rubber material that a traditional tire is, says Nexo. They are produced in a single step and take only 30 minutes to complete, which Nexo says reduces the effect on the environment. The Nexo version attaches to standard bike rims and comes in at a slightly cheaper price point than the full assembly of the Evertire. The company says their tires, weigh the same amount as a standard bike tire assembly and their solid design will save cyclists the hassle of carrying an extra tube and a bike pump with them on their journey.

“These are for riders who are looking for something light with improved performance,” says the company. “These tires are perfect for road cyclists, commuters, and anyone that hates getting flats.”

The tires are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner, says Nexo, who are hoping that their product will help reduce the number of bike tires sent to landfills by billions. Nexo says approximately 10 million bike tires are sent to landfills each year, which they say is enough to fill the empire state building eight times.

Nexo refer to their product as the “energizer bunny” of tires, saying that even though they’re light-weight they will still last. Nexo’s tests say the tires were tested over 5000 kilometers at a speed of 30km/h. While they admit that it’s difficult to compete with the performance of a standard inflated tire, Nexo has made “adjustments to the density of the polymer as well as the number of holes in the tire,” which will provide, “a mix of cushion and resilience.”

The tires will also be offered in a variety of colours so you can customize your ride while saving the planet.

The tires will be available in January and are currently only available to ship to the United States.


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