New help for Mental Health available for students and faculty through mobile app

im_well_bubbleYou may have noticed a new campaign running on and around campus advocating a new piece of technology. IM Well, an app designed to provide students and faculty both subscribed and unsubscribed from the Brock University Student Union’s provided extended health plan, regardless of their pre-existing mental health past, to access and utilize 24/7 help from a live chat system as well as seek out other resources in their community, both on and off campus.

The IM Well App is free to download in the Apple and Google Play stores, and serves not only the Brock community but university and colleges across the province. The app provides information on not only the BUSU extended health plan, but gives access to resources region-wide where students and faculty can safely and confidentially seek assistance.

‘IM Well’ is free, provides a user-friendly interface for those who access it from any technology background or level, and hosts easy-to-find links to not only a 24/7 live chat for mental health, but also links to the locations of local clinics as well as mental health specialists that provide care to those in and outside of the Brock community, including ones that take the BUSU StudentVIP Health Plan.

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