Have you heard of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ?

Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer in Preacher / Vanityfair.com


In the world of Preacher God is a giant douchebag. Just like in real life.

The series stars Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, an extraordinarily bad man trying to turn his life around and find God. And not in a metaphorical sense.

The show opens with several pastors, priests, and holy men suddenly feeling God, and then exploding. It never really lets up. Preacher is a high-octane heretical ride through the southern United States, filled with psychopathic businessmen, angels with a dubious sense of morality, and a guy with an ass for a face.

On a planet where people are still somehow watching The Walking Dead — seriously what is wrong with you people, every season since the first has been just catastrophic embarrassment of storytelling. You should be ashamed of yourselves — it is a crime that this show is not enjoying the same kind of viewership. It’s all backwards now.

Joining Cooper are Ruth Negga as Tulip, a femme-fatale who leaves a trail of corpses in her wake; and Joe Gilgun as Cassidy, the lovable mass-murdering Irish vampire.

The series is based off a popular comic book — because what isn’t these days — by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. The first season serves as a prequel to the comic series, building up a familiarity with the characters and tone before things start to really get crazy.

The show is produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who have been trying to adapt the comic series for a decade. Thankfully, their hard work has paid dividends.

Preacher has a lot of action, violence, sex, and gore, but it’s smart about it. It never feels cheap or predictable, and the characters operating within various shades of grey. It’s out there to shock you, but also wants you to think about what you just saw. And while at times Preacher paints a dreary picture, there is more than enough humour to keep the mood light. Nestled in all the grit are some truly hilarious moments.

As the title suggests, the show explores some heavy theological themes. If you’re averse to asking yourself some uncomfortable questions about the nature of an omni-benevolent God in a not-so omni-benevolent world, you should probably stay away.

The middle of the season suffers from a monotonously slow pace without enough intense moments to break it up, leaving me a tad disappointed. Still, that slow burn, builds into an exquisitely explosive finish.

It also features the best scene I’ve seen on TV in a while. Trust me, you’ll know when you get there.

Watch this show, then get out there and preach some Preacher.

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