Food Culture Club hosts Hearthstone Fireside Gathering for avid players

Students gear up to compete against one another / Rounaq Chabra


The Food Culture Club (FCC) hosted Niagara’s first Fireside Gathering on November 26th.  The Fireside Gathering is a tournament playing for the online card game Hearthstone. In Hearthstone, you play as one of nine classes from World of Warcraft (WoW); cards in the game are based around WoW.

The FCC hosted the event in the Brock International Centre; offering pizza and a prize pool totalling $500, there were plenty of Hearthstone fans from varying levels who came out to enjoy the games.

The event started out with players having a free-for-all scrimmage. Participants were given four tokens and could bet a token on one of their matches. Players were encouraged to meet new people and trade usernames to play against each other. The eight players with the highest number of tokens after three and a half hours of free play would qualify for the quarter finals.

After the scrimmages an arena run race begun. Players would start a new arena session where they choose a hero of three randomly selected classes and create a new deck from cards a series of randomly selected cards. Players try to win as many games as they can and after three losses players are kicked from the arena. The players who won the event, Blakesucks and Aserealm, won nine games each before ultimately hitting those three losses and were given some Hearthstone loot from the FCC for doing so well.

With the switch into top eight also came a switch of formats. Each of the quarterfinalists picked four  heroes and their opponents were able to ban one at the beginning of each round.

Next came the finals, which were heated with an intense match up between BrokenWings and his Zoo Warlock, Reno Mage and Yogg Druid against KingOfLimbs and his Malygos Druid, N’Zoth Warrior and Tempo Mage. BrokenWings went on a tear, quickly dominating with his warlock and his very unique mage. KingOfLimbs was undaunted however winning back the rest of the series as BrokenWings’ Yogg’Saron did little to help. KingOfLimbs took the first place crown with his reverse sweep of the series and was awarded with some Hearthstone swag to take home.

For more information on the Food Culture Club and upcoming events on campus, please visit their Facebook page at

-Liam Snover, Contributor 

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